pope francis’ account liking sexy model’s photo again

Not long ago, Pope Francis was caught liking a model's photo. The online world noticed, and the world-famous church head quickly unliked the photo.

However, the Pope's official Instagram handle has been caught liking another OnlyFans' model's photo.

pope francis' account liking sexy model's photo again
pope francis' account liking sexy model's photo again
pope francis' account liking sexy model's photo again
pope francis' account liking sexy model's photo again

This marks the second time such an incident has happened in a single month. This time, Pope Francis has liked a revealing picture of Margot Foxx, who was dressed in a tight black swimsuit.

After the like, the model responded to the once-in-a-lifetime endorsement by commenting: "hey that's me."

In the previous incident, the Pope liked a sexy photo of a scantily dressed Brazilian model, Natalia Garibotto.

Later, the model joked that she was now going to heaven since the Pope had liked it.

The racy picture showed the model wearing a tiny schoolgirl outfit. She also mentioned that although her mom hated her a** pictures, the Pope couldn't help himself.

The model was quite flattered by the like, and she even posted a video that appeared to show the Pope's like. However, the video was later taken down from her account, and it's not clear if the Vatican had anything to do with it.

Vatican Turns To Instagram For Answers

Soon after the like, there was a statement from the Vatican about the unusual occurrence:

"We can exclude that the 'like' came from the Holy See, and it has turned to Instagram for explanations."

This time, the Vatican says Instagram has a problem as well. In fact, they have asked Instagram to get to the bottom of these strange likes.

The Pope has a lot of followers on Twitter as well, and at one time, he was the most popular leader on this social media platform.

However, the Vatican claims that he rarely posts on social media. Robert Mickens, an editor based in Rome said that this job is usually done by the communications department.

The Vatican is once again at the center of a social media controversy for liking a model's picture. It's not clear how many of their followers buy into the theory that Instagram is the problem and not those responsible for handling the popular social media account.