Poor Young Grocery Cashier Receives An Inheritance From A Blind Old Customer - A Short Story

Poor Young Grocery Cashier Receives An Inheritance From A Blind Old Customer - A Short Story

If you need someone to reintroduce faith into your life, you are at the right place. This is a tale of a boy whose family suffered misfortune with a touching twist.

The story was inspired by AmoMama readers. Now, let's dive into it.

The Introduction

Jack Robinson had the perfect childhood. His parents, William and Rachel, were wealthy farmers, and though they worked hard, things were going quite well for the family.


Slowly, the financial troubles sneaked up. Jack was getting older while food prices rose, but their corn didn't.

And the family went from having everything to almost nothing.

The Worst Thing Imaginable

The family struggled for a few years, but when the drought came, they knew what they had to do.

As he was coming back from school, Jack saw a car outside the family home and ran. He entered the living room only to see his parents shaking hands with Frank Donard Jr., a local developer.


The beady-eyed man was despised among farmers, as he would take the land for cheap and build motels and malls.

Frank wanted Jack's family farm for a long time, and now it was his turn.

The young Jack was furious, beginning his mom not to sell the farm, but there was nothing the boy's parents could do.

Two Years Have Gone By

The family now lived in a small apartment in a city. Jack wanted nothing more than to return to his time on the farm. But the sounds and scent of the city did not even allow him to dream.


The boy did not like anything about the city: people were not nice, streets were small, overcrowded, and loud. He wanted to help his family, so he found a job at his nearest grocery store. Jack was a cashier now.

He did his homework and worked at the store. Every day was the same.

The Faithful Day At The Store

As he was reading his history book, Jack heard the bell suggesting there was a customer.


A girl walked hand in hand with a man, much older. To young Jack, he looked around 100. As they were walking around the store, Jack realized that the girl was leading the older man, who was blind, helping him with shopping.

The two came to pay, and Jack said they owed him 25 dollars. The girl called the cab while the old man pulled out his wallet.

The Test

The man asked Jack to take out 25 dollars. The boy saw that his wallet had around 2000 dollars, and he could simply take half of it.


Jack was raised to be an honest young man, so he took 30 dollars and gave the man his change.

As the two walked out, the boy wondered how come a blind man was so rich, yet he was so poor.

That's when the door opened again, and the blind man and the girl came back. The man told Jack he was pleased to have found someone with a pure heart.

Kindness Is Priceless

The older man told Jack that he wanted to meet someone honest since his children were selfish and greedy.


He explained that four other workers did not pass his "test," and leaving the money to his children was not an option.

The girl gave Jack a key and a note. That's how Jack found himself in an old gym up the road. The key opened one of the lockers, and Jack found a backpack.

Upon returning home, the boy discovered that there were plenty of jewels and cash inside the backpack. Another note said that he was honest and kind and should do what he needed, then pass on the fortune to someone in need.


Family Was Back Where They Belonged

Jack knew what he wanted. He bought back his farm, and since the developer's plans fell through, he did not have to pay a big price.

The family farm was returned to the owners, and this time, there were no struggles or droughts. Only pure bliss.