"Poo Shy" Model Didn't Go To The Loo For So Long She Passed Out On The Job

A model who says she is "poo shy" confessed to fainting during a photoshoot after holding in her need to use the bathroom for two weeks.

Emmerald Barwise, a fetish model, has faced challenges in her eight-year professional modeling career due to her fear of using the bathroom.

While having a bowel movement is a natural bodily function, discussions about defecation remain largely taboo and are not typically approached casually.

The shame surrounding discussions of feces has made Emmerald uneasy about using the bathroom while away from home, leading to instances of holding in her bowels for as long as two weeks.

The 36-year-old pin-up model from Wrexham has experienced severe bloating at times, giving her a "pregnant" appearance during lingerie photoshoots.

Emmerald states that she can't recall having a regular bowel movement routine and only realized it wasn't normal to go without defecating for two weeks after her girlfriend brought it to her attention.

Following this realization, she sought help for her bathroom anxiety after seeing an advertisement for participants on the Channel 4 TV program "Know Your S**t: Inside Our Guts."

Emmerald admitted: "My issues have definitely affected my job."

"I've passed out before on shoots where I've been wearing corsets and I'm sure it was due to my issues because it hasn't happened since being on the show."

"Also if I was really bloated I hated doing a lingerie or nude shoot it made me feel horrible."

"I decided to go on the show when my girlfriend noticed I wasn't going to the toilet regularly and she said that it wasn't normal."

Emmerald also mentioned that she was completely unaware that the majority of people use the bathroom for a bowel movement at least once daily, saying: "At that point I was going once a week but I'd been like that my whole life so I didn't know any different and as I was totally poo shy I'd never discussed my poo with anyone."

"I didn't seek help for so long because I had literally no idea that there was an issue. I knew that I was poo shy but that was it I didn't know people pooed more than me."

She also discussed that her reluctance to poop was made worse by her ADHD: "My toilet troubles all started from being very young and being poo shy from young and having ADHD and autism just made that poo shyness times 10."

Emmerald believes that her behavior taught her body not to recognize the need to use the bathroom.

Thanks to the assistance she received on the show, Emmerald now has a more positive outlook on bowel movements and is a much more frequent bathroom user.

Emmerald participated in several experiments, including eating a muffin with blue food coloring to determine her "transit time" and observe how long it took for the food to travel through her intestines.

Emmerald has gone from avoiding discussions about the bathroom her entire life to being more open about the topic, saying: "I am still a bit poo shy however being on the show Know your S**t with Dr Sophie Medlin and the Mac twins really really helped me.

"It really has changed my life."