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Polyamorous Florida Woman With 4 Boyfriends Is Pregnant

polyamorous florida woman with 4 boyfriends is pregnant

Unlike most women in stable, faithful, long-term relationships, Conservative Ojeda cannot say with certainty who the father of her unborn child is. The problem is not infidelity but the fact that the 20-year-old has four boyfriends.

The polyamorous Florida woman claims to be pregnant, and one of the guys sharing her bed with her is the father.

However, she claims to know who the father of her child is.

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The four romantic partners live with her in Jacksonville, Florida. According to the lady, the four guys, Marc, Travis, Ethan, and Christopher, are used to "trading in and out" of her bed every night.

polyamorous florida woman with 4 boyfriends is pregnant

How Did It All Began?

Even with conventional relationships, we often wonder how the romance started. So, how did one lady end up living with four boyfriends?

The story begins a couple of years ago when Ojeda and Marc met. But two months into this relationship, she brought in Travis.

Later, Ethan and Christopher came into the picture.

Right now, she plans to get married to Travis. The only issue is that she claims he is not the father of her unborn child:

"Chris is an organic dad. We simply realize that due to timing and when the estimated origination date was. Dependent on the surmised origination day, we had been an extended get-away. So it was just us."

She went on to add that she will be a mom, and everyone will be a dad. So, this is not a serious issue as far as she and her four partners are concerned:

"We're all raising the child together — so everybody's Dad. We're all incredibly, eager to be raising a child together."

Obviously, It Won't Always Be Smooth Sailing

Not everybody was happy with the idea of introducing new partners into the relationship, which is hardly surprising considering most typical relationships have two partners.

For instance, Marc and Travis have had issues with Ethan and Christopher joining the group. However, they eventually worked out their differences, and now, everything is okay.

Sharing one lady is not always easy, either. Ojeda says it takes quite a bit of work to satisfy the needs of four men, so much so that she has asked them to seek satisfaction elsewhere:

"Partitioning time and sorting out timetables between each of the five individuals and ensuring everybody feels included, it's sort of troublesome. I'd prefer to not be the main lady in the relationship. That would be pleasant."

However, these special arrangements also come with some advantages. For one, Christopher thinks that the kid will have it easier with many guardians in the house:

"There is a ton of help between us all fathers and it's something we can label group. We generally joke about getting [stuck] in an interminable circle of 'Go ask your dad.' "

How Do Their Families Take It?

As anyone would expect, their families were not exactly thrilled to hear about the strange romantic arrangement. Nevertheless, Chris says their folks are coming around:

"At the absolute starting point, I know my mom and father were reluctant about it. Her primary concern was that she didn't care for the possibility of me having an accomplice who was not satisfied with only me."

polyamorous florida woman with 4 boyfriends is pregnant

Ojeda's sibling, Alistair, however, is okay with the arrangement:

"I don't see anything amiss with Tory's relationship."

The other concern is that society might not agree with this relationship. But they hope people will see the romantic partnership as real and functional.

Lately, there's a throuple in California with two children saying that monogamous relationships are not all they are made out to be. Josh Lujan Loveless, one of the partners in the three-person romance, states:

"We characterize love somewhat better."

Obviously, Ojeda wholeheartedly agrees:

"Possibly in our future, we may see it become a typical thing where individuals don't hesitate on it any longer by any stretch of the imagination. "One can trust."

For now, the five partners have to wait and see how parenthood fits their romantic arrangement.