Police Warn Trolls Who Mock Criminal's Receding Hairline That They Could Face Legal Action

police warn trolls who mock criminal’s receding hairline that they could face legal action

People can be cruel, and being mean can apparently result in serious legal consequences. That is why the police are warning those mocking a criminal's receding hairline that they could answer to court charges.

Yes, even if the criminal's mugshot looks incredibly hilarious, some of the comments might cross the line.

The trolls began making fun of the Jermaine Taylor after his photo was posted online by the authorities.


Police in the city of Gwent wanted the public's help in catching the man for dealing drugs. However, many Facebook commenters decided to roast Jermaine over his hairline rather than focusing on this urgent plea.

police warn trolls who mock criminal's receding hairline that they could face legal action

Some Of The Jokes Are Pretty Hilarious

Although nobody is disputing the police warning that mocking the man's receding hairline could land some people in trouble, some of the comments are pretty hilarious.

Of course, it is never okay to poke fun at someone's appearance.

A commenter suggested that the authorities "push his release date back further than his hairline." Apparently, that would teach him an important lesson about the consequences of dealing drugs.


Another cleverly added: "He was last seen in town; Police are combing the area."

As you can see, the jokes are pretty hilarious.

Police Don't Think The Jokes Are Funny

The photo pretty much went viral. In the end, it had more than 89,000 comments.

At this point, the police saw it best to remind everyone that the purpose of the picture was to help get tips. Unfortunately, a lot of people saw it as an opportunity to share jokes.


In a subsequent message, the police also reminded the trolls that their comments could legitimately be considered harassment, abuse, and threats. In such a scenario, the comments could actually trigger police investigations.

Wait, what? That might have sent a few chills down some of the commenters' spines.

Even If You Are Online, You Shouldn't Say Whatever You Feel Like

Gwent Police saw an opportunity to educate the media that people can still be held to account even when they are insulting others online.


The police also advised people to be careful with any form of communication they do online. Apparently, saying something grossly offensive, indecent, or obscene could result in a police investigation.

In other words, hilarious and "harmless" jokes such as these could land some folks in hot water.

Later, Taylor Was Found

However, it wasn't all business and no play for the police department, as they also remembered to welcome their new Facebook followers to their page. Of course, given the viral nature of this post, many of these followers were from overseas.


Obviously, these people saw the post and found the picture funny.

When Taylor was caught, the police were grateful and took the opportunity to confess that some of the comments made them laugh.

So, it's not that the police have no sense of humor, it's just that they were concerned about some comments crossing the line and becoming abusive.

According to the law enforcers, they have a responsibility to "remind people to be careful about what they write on social media."


There is no word yet if Taylor has had the chance to read the hilarious comments about his receding hairline. We are pretty doubtful he would take them as lightheartedly as many internet trolls have.

In any case, Jermaine has bigger things to worry about, considering the potentially bruising legal battle that awaits him.