Police Stopped Their Interrogation After Suspect Refused To Stop Farting


Suspect shuts down police Interrogation through farts — well, that's one cheeky way to beat the system!

A man's police interrogation in Kansas City ended prematurely after he won't stop farting.

After arresting Sean Sykes Jr. on federal gun and drug charges, detectives couldn't exactly get a straight answer from him.

Instead, he would first stare at the officers and then answer every question with a loud fart.

police stopped their interrogation after suspect refused to stop farting

In his report about the interview, a detective wrote that when asked about his address, Sykes just farted.


The detective said:

"Mr. Sykes leaned to one side of his chair and released a loud fart before answering with the address."

"Mr. Sykes continued to be flatulent, and I ended the interview."

Due to the investigation ending prematurely, detectives did not file any charges at the time. Sykes also denied knowledge of the items.

police stopped their interrogation after suspect refused to stop farting

Sykes' potent farts weren't powerful enough to propel him beyond the reach of the law, though.

After the initial noxious interview, police pulled him over, again, two months later, and found a stolen gun in his possession.


Apparently unable to stink his way out of police custody, Sykes made an initial court appearance the following week.

Court documents state police found marijuana and crack cocaine and a .38-calibre revolver, which was reported stolen from Overland Park.

police stopped their interrogation after suspect refused to stop farting

The court then charged him with stolen firearm offenses and possession with intent to sell cocaine.

Taking to the internet, people commented on how Skyes' incident was hilarious.

One person said:


"LOL, I guess that's one way to get them to leave you alone."

Another added:

"If I ever find myself being interrogated, I'll have to try that... Some meaty air-biscuits will clear the room... Maybe even clear out the whole police station."

While a third person said:

"Sean A. Sykes Jr., thank you for your service. Not all heroes wear capes."

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police stopped their interrogation after suspect refused to stop farting

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