Police Identify Man Who Threw Dog Off Cliff

Police Identify Man Who Threw Dog Off Cliff

What comes to our mind when you hear the word Cornish coast? Perhaps you remember the beautiful sun, surfing, the sea, seagull, or cream teas. This coast is knowing to create good memories for people searching for beautiful vacation getaways.

However, this week a man was filmed throwing a terrified dog off a Cornish cliff into the sea.

I live in Cornish, and I can attest that the weather is not always pleasing or surf pumping. These conditions are likely to turn people away from visiting this region.

Now the worst of all has happened. A scumbag has thrown a helpless dog off this cliff. This reckless behavior of some unsatisfied individuals has ruined some of the good memories of this place.

The video footage of this man throwing the dog to the sea circulated on social media on Thursday, and the person filming it can be heard laughing in amusement.

The police have confirmed they're launching an investigation after this shocking video went viral. Ricky Gervais, an animal lover, has also condemned these actions.

If you watch this video, you can see the dog trying to swim and reaching the shore. Cornell Live, police in Falmouth, confirmed that they're investigating this animal cruelty.

The police also tweeted, on Friday afternoon, that they're working together with the local RSPCA on this case, and they've identified the persons involved.

Cornell also said that the dog was checked and it was not injured.

Falmouth police took the issue to social media and urged people to allow them to conduct the investigation. This was after many social media users criticized the suspects for doing such evil deeds and then filming it as if it was a show.

"We seriously need to help the police find this evil little c**t," Gervais tweeted.

The police also urged the public to appreciate that the case needs to be investigated without inappropriate comments and intrusion.

Sharon Reilly, replying to the police's tweet, tweeted that even if the suspect gets caught, the police will do nothing. She added that the law on animal abusers are too lenient, and such suspects may fail to face persecution.

Another social media user responded to the police's tweet, saying that people are frustrated and tired of seeing people committing crimes and getting away with it. This person added that the law needs to do its job well and ensure the offenders face maximum punishment.

According to RSPCA Section 9 on the Animal Welfare Act, people need to take responsible care to meet the welfare of animals. Those who abuse their animals can face up to 5 years imprisonment.