Police Dog Falls Down Elevator Shaft And Dies While Looking For Burglary Suspects

police dog falls down elevator shaft and dies while looking for burglary suspects

Hearing that a police dog has died in the line of duty is a heartbreaking thing for any dog lover and any police department. If you are a dog person, you certainly have lots of reasons you love and adore these amazing pets.

The most incredible thing about your dog is that you mean the world to it. There is nothing a faithful dog will not do for its owner.

It's therefore such a blessing that dogs are capable of so many things.

They greet you with joy and excitement when you get home, keep you warm when you are feeling cold, keep you company when you are alone in the house, and play with you outdoors when you need to have a good time.

Any pet owner understands just how special a dog is. That is why some people see their dogs as better friends than some of their family members.

To true dog lovers, a pet dog is family.

But some dogs are just as devoted to doing serious and dangerous work as the pet dogs we keep at home. Take police dogs for instance.

There is a reason these dogs are considered officers of the law as well. They are brave and fearless.

Unfortunately, some of these dogs walk right into danger and end up losing their lives in truly saddening ways. Others get injured and maimed.

For instance, there is a police dog that lost its life in Pennsylvania while in the line of duty.

Police officers were on a dangerous mission in an old warehouse in Cambria County. They had the dog in tow, and it was sent to search for the suspects.

But as fate would have it, the dog ended up falling down an elevator shaft. The fall cost the devoted dog its life.

However, the police came in later and located two suspects. The dog died while looking for three others.

The dog was named Titan. After the fall, he did not die immediately.

However, he was seriously injured, and he succumbed to the injuries he suffered later on. Luckily, the police managed to get all the suspects and put them in custody.

Traditionally, when a police officer dies, the other officers show their respect at the funeral. Police dogs are police officers, and members of his community were there to pay their last respects.

It was a heartbreaking event. But luckily, this does not happen all the time.

While it's sad to see such a devoted dog lose his life, it is truly reassuring to know that he died while doing what he loved.