Police Deliver Kebab After Arresting Fast Food Driver

A customer waiting for his delicious kebab order to arrive was surprised by the police on his doorstep delivering it.

Woodley, Berkshire officers pulled the delivery driver over in a quiet residential area on October 21. They noticed that one of his tires was worn to the point the cord was exposed, which is a hazardous condition to drive in.

As police were questioning him, the delivery man gave false information and had no insurance or driving license. After the police became suspicious, they decided to search him and his car.

The police then accused him of drug-driving and arrested him. They seized his vehicle, but they remembered something much more important than his drugs: the kebab when they were about to leave the scene.

โ€œThe agents took the time to deliver the kebab to the correct address,โ€ police wrote on social media. โ€œOfficers took the time to deliver the kebab to the correct address.โ€

One officer shared the details of the arrest on Twitter, saying that the kebab order was delivered to a customer 3 houses away from where they pulled the delivery man over.

police deliver kebab after arresting fast food driver
police deliver kebab after arresting fast food driver

The police officers knew that the customer did not have to go hungry, so one of them decided to drop the order off at the intended house.

The customer probably did not expect to see police delivering their food. But the kebab was perhaps too good for them to care too much!

As expected, people on social media expressed their happiness about what the police did.

So far, the consequences the delivery man faces are unclear, but at least the customer got to enjoy their meal before it got cold!