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Police Chief's X-rated Texts About Cop Who Slept With Six Co-workers Have Been Revealed

In the midst of the ongoing sex scandal, court proceedings have exposed the X-rated text messages that were sent by the former chief of the Tennessee Police Department, who has since been terminated from their position.

Burrel 'Chip' Davis, the ex-chief of police in La Vergne, was fired for urging a fellow officer to share explicit photos of Maegan Hall, a 26-year-old married officer who had admitted to engaging in sexual encounters with six other colleagues.


Sgt. Henry 'Ty' McGowan supposedly sent "pornographic images" to a burner phone belonging to a 47-year-old individual who had labeled the device as 'Ole Boy.'

Court documents state that Davis' alleged actions, which he professed to be unaware of, were brought to the surface as a result of an internal investigation. Upon being interrogated, he had no alternative but to confess.

Text message records between Davis and McGowan demonstrate that the police chief made jest of a photograph of Hall in which she was involved in sexual activity with another sergeant, Lewis Powell, with whom she was having a romantic liaison.


McGowan shared an image with the former police chief, depicting a "Black male foot inside Officer Hall's mouth," asserting that the foot belonged to Powell.


According to court records, Davis inquired in a text message exchange on October 25th: "Who dat?", to which McGowan responded: "Hall… Lewis."

The chief then sent a message saying: "He on it again," and McGowan responded: "He swears he ain't."

Davis wrote: "She nor her husband took that picture."

"She has a tight little a** tho," McGowan sent back, to which Davis replied: "Yep."


Another text message conversation on October 28th between the chief and McGowan centered around Hall's affair.


"I saved her for the last time," the former chief wrote. "I wish I could tell her who she f**king cant do s**t for her."

"I wish I could too," McGowan replied. "Then we both could play."

"Can't f**k Lewis tho cause the pics are [flame emoji]" Davis replied.

The suit argues: "As demonstrated in his October 28, 2022, text exchange, Chief Davis became frustrated by his comparative failure to groom Ms. Hall for sexual exploitation."


"Chief Davis repeatedly attempted to seclude Ms. Hall so that he could use the authority of his high office – or as he described it, 'normal pimp s**t,' to induce Ms. Hall to gratify his own sexual desires."


As a result of the scandal, Davis and Powell were dismissed from their positions, and police officer Juan Lugo-Perez and detective Seneca Shields were also terminated. Three additional officers, Patrick Magliocco, Larry Holladay, and Gavin Schoeberl, were suspended.

In the previous month, Hall filed a lawsuit against the department, alleging that she had been subjected to 'sexual grooming'.


"My supervisors worked together to take advantage of my vulnerabilities and my mental health," Hal told WTVF in her first interview since the scandal broke.

"And they used it for their gain and sexual favor."