Pokémon GO: Every January 2022 Spotlight Hour Guide

Pokémon Go: Every January 2022 Spotlight Hour Guide

Pokémon Go fans have a lot to look forward to this month now that the game is offering its Spotlight Hours. Over January 2022, the focus will be on Solosis, Diglett, Plusle, and Minun.

For each of these Pokémon, the Spotlight Hours will be available every Tuesday from 6 pm to 7 pm local time.

The Solosis event will be on January 4, and players will get double the candy for Pokémon transfers. The Diglett event will be on January 11, and the bonus will allow players to get double the Stardust for catching Pokémon.

The Plusle event will be on January 18, and players will get double the amount of candy for catching Pokémon. Finally, the Minun Spotlight Hour will be on January 25, and players will earn twice the candy for Pokémon transfers.

Each capture will bring in 6 Candy, and with the Pinap Berry, the amount of candy will double. You are advised to use Pinap Berries for even extra candy during the Plusle Spotlight Hour. Granted, Plusle is not of much use during competitive play, but it's still worth something to a player who loves it.

The events will be announced ahead of time so that players will have a better chance of taking advantage of the perks each particular event has to offer.

Basically, there will be a fresh Spotlight Event every week. This will translate into a higher hourly spawn rate for each Pokémon.

Best of all, each Spotlight Hour will come with a small bonus that will help power and level up a Pokémon.

Another benefit to these events is that they will create a chance for players to build upon candy they can use during future evolutions.

The plans were revealed through an official blog post by Niantic. On top of this great news, Niantic has also offered details about Community Day events and other in-game events for January.

In preparation for these huge bonuses, you should ensure you clear your Pokémon Storage ahead of time. If you get into the Spotlight Hour with your storage full, or if it fills up during this particular moment, you will not have as much fun with the offer.

The other condition is that players have to use a minimum of two Incense during the event. Incense boosts spawn rate for all Pokémon close to the player, which makes finding more Pokémon a lot easier despite the limited time.

Otherwise, to make the best of these events, players should focus on taking advantage of the bonus.