Poachers Slaughter Hibernating Bear And Her Cubs In Horrifying Video

Poachers Slaughter Hibernating Bear And Her Cubs In Horrifying Video

A father and his son have been cast in a negative light after a video of them taking down a bear in her den went public. The bear was with her cubs.

The pair were in Esther Island in Alaska. The incident took place in April when they came across the bear and her young cubs.

The animal did not confront them in any way, but that did not stop Andrew Renner, and his son from wandering to the bear's den and shooting it down from a close range.

The Cubs watched their mother get killed in horror, wailing as it happened. Not that anyone was following the pair to chronicle their cowardly act. The camera had been installed by the Forest Service and it was linked to motion sensors so that it would record when the bear came out of her den.

Obviously, that never came to pass after the two shot it down.

The Humane Society is not letting this slip, as it wants the public to know what is bound to happen if the wrong laws were allowed to pass.

The Trump administration is out to change legislation that was established when Obama was in office, which made killing black mother bears and their cubs while in their dens illegal. But it seems, even with this law in place, some people still go out of their way to murder innocent bears and their cubs without any provocation.

The Renners faced several charges for their actions. Later, in January 2019, they both pleaded guilty to the charges leveled against them and got fines. Some jail time was also part of the judgment.

Additionally, they both lost their hunting privileges, albeit temporarily. Hunting is only allowed where it relates to looking for food, which is not what the Renners were doing.