Plus-Size TikToker With Fit Husband Has Something To Tell The Haters

Social media has provided countless individuals with a platform to freely express themselves, even if their opinions aren't necessarily mainstream. This phenomenon is particularly evident on TikTok, where controversial content has the potential to go viral, capturing the attention of thousands, if not millions, of viewers.

Alicia McCarvell (@aliciamccarvell) is an individual on TikTok who unintentionally finds herself posting controversial videos. What sets her apart is that she is a curvy TikToker with a remarkably fit spouse.

Whenever Alicia shares pictures or videos of herself alongside her spouse, it deeply resonates with a multitude of individuals. This includes moments when they capture themselves wearing only towels, in the midst of getting ready for a wedding.


We’re getting a divorce ||••

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The video garnered attention from over 52 million viewers, but it also garnered a significant number of comments. A considerable portion of these comments revolved around the dynamics of their marriage, delving into the topic of their contrasting sizes.

She said: "The reason my video went viral is quite apparent. It's because, according to beauty standards, we don't fit the mold. The world looks at us and automatically assigns Scott a higher value than me."

McCarvell continued, "Since we don't fit the expected equation, people try to rationalize it by adding assumptions to my side of the story, like 'Oh, she must have been thinner when they met' or 'Oh, she must be wealthy.' Alternatively, they attempt to diminish his side of the equation by saying things like 'He must be gay' or 'He has a fetish for larger women.'"

She expressed her thoughts on how beauty standards frequently emphasize physical fitness levels. Additionally, she emphasized that this does not hold true for her and Scott.

"We have been conditioned to believe that someone like Scott, who is physically fit, could never possibly love or be compatible with a plus-size woman. This belief stems solely from society teaching us to assess our worth based on our bodies," she explained.

"The way my body conforms to beauty standards is not at the top of my husband's list when it comes to what he values. He appreciates my sense of humor, my dedication, my love, and my caring nature. None of these qualities change when my body changes."

Numerous viewers took to the comments section, offering their support and praising her as a beautiful individual.