Plus-Size Hooters Girls In Booty Shorts Spark Online Debate Between Diners

Plus-size Hooters Girls In Booty Shorts Spark Online Debate Between Diners

Hooters do not have the reputation of being very inclusive, especially concerning body types. Typically, servers at this food chain are skinny, and there has never been an exception to this rule.

According to many people, this needs to change. Some people believe that it is high time we had plus-size Hooters girls.

No Hooters Franchise Has Plus-Size Women


Hooters has 420 locations, but none admit plus-size women as servers. That is precisely why Chynna Turner and other full-figured women decided to dress up in Hooters uniforms for Halloween.

They shared the photo on Instagram, and that got a debate going. People are wondering if Hooters needs to change things up a bit.

The Idea Has Gotten Plenty Of Support


Many people found the idea fascinating, including a Twitter user who thought plus-size Hooters girls were exciting.

Another fan of the idea claimed that if a plus-size Hooters opened, he would visit the establishment immediately and ensure he was the customer of the year.

It Seems Hooters Has Alienated Many Potential Customers


If confessions by some commenters are anything to go by, Hooters is missing out on a lot of business by not having plus-size servers in its restaurants.

A fan of the concept claimed that he was losing his mind over the idea of a plus-size Hooters and claimed that he had never wanted to visit the establishment so badly before. He went as far as admitting he had never visited a Hooters but was now quite excited to do so.


Another fan explained that Hooters was losing a lot of money by not having larger women as servers.

Some People, Obviously, Don't Like The Idea


Although the unlikely concept of having plus-size Hooters servers had many supporters, it also had a few critics.

That is obviously to be expected. One of the people opposed to the idea wrote that "fat women are gross," while another joked that the servers would eat the wings for you.

Turner and her friends got the uniforms online. After getting them, they wore them and went to a local restaurant to take a picture.


Their idea was to create a Halloween concept.

That said, Turner still understands that bigger women are not usually hired as Hooters girls. That is why she felt that showing up with their uniforms would be a good way to make larger women understand that they don't have to be super thin to feel sexy and confident.