Please Leave If You Have Deceitful Intentions Towards Me

Please Leave If You Have Deceitful Intentions Towards Me

I am tired. Enough with the second-guessing. It is so painful to be unsure of what the other person wants. I deserve to have a peaceful and stable life with someone bold enough to show me that they are proud to have me.

Please Come If You Genuinely Want To Stay

People come and go. I am aware that this is a part of everyone's life, but I feel tired. This exhaustion comes from investing myself in someone deeply only to find out that they had impure intentions towards me.


It is so painful to be in a dilemma whether the other person genuinely cares for me or is there to exploit me. This chicanery has left me drained of all my positive energies.

It Is Time I Consider The Red Flags

I chose to be blind for a long time. Every time I saw red flags, I deliberately ignored them in hopes that the other person would change.


I expected them to value the relationship enough to improve themselves for me. Have I ever been so wrong?

This time I have decided to take the reins of my life in my hands. No longer will I be misguided by people with their unhealthy agendas towards me.

Things Have Changed For Better

No one is allowed to use me now. Now I have realized that I need to value myself first and not expect others to put a value on my worth. I am incredibly vigilant with who approaches me and with what intentions.


If you only contact me when it suits you, then it is better to exit my life now. For the future, I have decided to invest myself in only those who genuinely have an interest in my wellbeing.

No More Toxicity For Me

Enough of being a people-pleaser. I have realized that my time and energy are limited. Those with a toxic mindset will no longer be entertained in my life.


Please leave if you have toxic agendas towards me. Leave by yourself otherwise; I'll kick you out brutally.

No more time for mind-games. Now I need people who are mature enough to deal with life sensibly; those who know how to communicate rather than manipulating others for their personal gains.

No More Victim Mindset

I shall only allow like-minded people in my life who are ready to take responsibility for their actions. Those with a victim mindset can go whine somewhere else.


This is my first step towards personal growth, and I won't look back ever again.

I will only give myself to those who are ready to reciprocate my energy.

Half-hearted people, half-hearted relations, and half-hearted anything are no longer welcome. Do you wish to stay in my life? Show it with your actions.

Life Is Too Short To Entertain Superficial Relationships

I learned this with a lot of experience that life is too short to waste it on toxic people. I know that I made mistakes in the past and I am thankful to those experiences for the learning they gave me.


But, this will not be carried forward. I want to enjoy life in depth and if you wish to be there with me then go all in. Become a part of my life with your heart and soul, and I promise to give you the same.

If you want to come with deceitful energy, then you shouldn't even try. Because this time you will not find a place in my life.

Before coming into my life, know that I won't waste a dime on those who mistreat me. I wish to live a happy, healthy life, and will only those who share my vision are welcome in my life.