Playing Hard To Get On Social Media - 20 Tips

Playing Hard To Get On Social Media – 20 Tips

Are you crushing hard on someone but worried about scaring them off? You know someone who likes you, but doesn't want to give in that easily? Playing hard-to-get lets you do a little flirting without coming on too strong -- and making them work for you, too. Well, lucky for you, social media is a great way to do that.

Follow these 20 ways to play hard-to-get on social media, and you'll soon have your crush begging for a first date.


‚Äč1. Only respond to a few things

If your crush commented on one of your posts, you might not want to respond to it. Make it seem like you either haven't noticed or don't have time to respond to their comments.

2. Don't like all of their posts

Be super selective with the posts or photos of theirs that you "Like." Choosing a few shows you're paying attention -- but not too much.


3. Like, don't Love

When playing hard to get, you never want to react with a "Love" on Facebook, only a "Like." Your crush might check which reaction you chose, hoping it was a heart, but only to see thumbs up. After that, you won't be able to leave their mind!

4. Let them react first

Don't be the first person to "Like" something of theirs. Wait a while after it goes live. If they just posted one minute ago, give it at least 30 minutes before reacting. This makes you seem busy and not too eager.


5. Limit those stories

It might take all your willpower, but don't watch all of their Facebook or Instagram stories. They can see everyone who's watched it. If you watch every single story, it's going to look like you're stalking.

6. Leave them on "read"

This is a biggie. If you are talking with that special someone through texts or DMs, open and read their message, but don't respond right away. When they see that you've read the message but didn't respond immediately, you'll have them constantly checking to see if you've replied.


7. Wait it out

If you're the one who gets left on read, don't sweat it -- and don't write anything else. Leave it for them to respond, whether that's in an hour, a day, or even a week. Leaving it to them to continue the conversation shows that you are in power.

8. Respond in an unexpected way

If you can respond to something they post in an unexpected way, such as challenging their opinion on something, it will cause them to think twice about you. It lets them know that you're not just going to fawn and drool over everything they do.


9. Send a random Snapchat

Sending your crush a random and silly Snapchat is a bold move but shows that you neither take yourself seriously nor are you super concerned about what they think of you. Show off your brilliant sense of humor, and then peace out.

10. Show that you're confident

Nothing shows that you're confident (and good-looking!) more than a selfie. Show off that body positivity and make your crush wish that they were with you.


11. Have fun with others

Even better than a selfie is a photo of you with friends. This shows that you have a life, and are not sitting around waiting and thinking about your crush all the time.

12. Make them jealous

If you're willing to kick it up a notch, post a picture with someone else who you know might make your crush jealous. For example, take a pic with another guy friend of yours. Your crush will go crazy, wondering if you like them or not and how interested you are.


13. Post your passions

Make sure to show off the fact that you're an all-around amazing human! Make a TikTok showing your cooking skills, add an Instagram story of you doing a trampoline flip, or post a Facebook petition for a worthy cause. Remember, you have talent, and you're busy cultivating it.

14. Sarcasm it up

When you do choose to respond to someone, bring out your snarky side. Demonstrate that you're not afraid to play the game and challenge their wit, all the while being charming.


15. Limit the emojis

Using too many emojis anywhere on social media or text can make you appear a little desperate. Limit how many you use, especially with your crush. Instead of multiple laughing emojis in response, try only one, or even just a "LOL."

16. Utilize those GIFs

If someone is flirting with you, but you'd rather be coy, try responding to their flirtatious comments with GIFs or stickers instead of words. You'll come off as cool, calm, and clever, and they'll be left thinking about how to get on your level.


17. No "on-demand" pics

If you're texting or DMing with someone and they ask to see a pic of you, refrain from sending one. If you do, it will look like you're a little too enthusiastic about giving them what they want. Instead, brush it off so they know that you're the one calling the shots.

18. In and Out

A great tactic to leave them wanting more is to flirt a little and then disappear for a while. Leave a flirtatious comment on your crush's Insta post and then send out radio silence for a week; flirt back through your DMs but then stop responding. Chances are they will eventually reach out again to find out if you're still interested.


19. Don't be the first to follow

Don't be the one who follows first. Let your crush make the first social media move.

20. Music makes the heart grow fonder

Don't rule out other platforms that might not be considered social media, like Spotify. Check out the type of music they like and create some playlists that you know they'd be into. You can also post songs you know they like to other platforms and wait for them to talk to you about it.



When playing hard-to-get on social media, it's important to be coy, but not obsessive. If your crush isn't playing back, you may just have to say to yourself, "They're just not interested!" Or maybe they're just not a social media person. Go up to them in person, put on your best smile, and say, "hi." That's the original social media anyway, right?