Playboy Model Kicked Out Of Mall For Wearing Only Underwear And Nutcracker-Themed Body Paint While Handing Out Nuts

Francia James, a 31-year-old Playboy model, caused a stir at a Florida shopping mall when she stripped down to her underwear and wore Nutcracker-inspired body paint while distributing nuts.

She recorded the stunt for her nine million Instagram followers, and it was well-received. However, mall security was not amused and asked her to leave as soon as they were made aware of the situation.

1. James Did This For No Nut November

If you are not familiar, No Nut November is a movement that promotes abstinence from sexual activities throughout November. Given the theme, it is quite amusing that Francia James chose to distribute actual nuts while wearing knee-high red boots, only her underwear, and sporting a red and blue body paint.

2. Mall Shoppers Thought It Was A Lot Of Fun

Numerous individuals approached James to inquire about her human nutcracker get-up. She distributed nuts to those who engaged with her, but not everyone was interested. She offered a nut to a man and reminded him that it was No Nut November, but he declined, stating that he had already failed the challenge.

3. The Security Guard Wasn't Having Any Of It

After some time, a mall security guard approached James and instructed her to depart, which infuriated her. In the video, she expressed her frustration, exclaiming, "I can't believe I was kicked out! I always get kicked out."

4. Everyone On Social Media Loved It Too

Viewers who watched James's video found her holiday-themed stunt to be hilarious and praised her for her humor and stunning physique. They were impressed by her dedication to the role, and I must concur; she did an outstanding job!