Playboy Bunny Lists Insane Rules For Living In Mansion

Playboy Bunny Lists Insane Rules For Living In Mansion

If you have been wondering what rules Playboy bunnies have to abide by when living in the Playboy Mansion, Jenna Bentley has decided to reveal everything that goes on inside the infamous residence.

Jenna is a former Playboy bunny. She is from Montana and was a resident in the "Bunny House" next to the Playboy Mansion.

Apparently, living in the mansion comes with rigorous requirements.


She admits that she loved living there. However, she also discovered that many conditions have to before anyone can be allowed to live there.

Some Of The Toughest Playboy Mansion Rules

The first thing she discovered was that they probably did rigorous background checks to ensure that they were not accommodating a serious criminal.

They also imposed a 9 pm curfew. However, Jenna claims that the place did not feel like a prison due to this restriction.


Still, missing the curfew came with some serious consequences as you had to spend the night on the lawn. They did not joke around when it came to this rule.

A more serious violation was meeting a boy. Boyfriends were absolutely out of the question, and if it were discovered that a girl had met a boy, she would be immediately kicked out of the mansion.

Living In The Mansion Also Came With Some Perks

As far as Jenna can remember, there were plenty of benefits to living in the mansion despite all the regulations.


For her, it was a real-life barbie playhouse with servants doing everything from cooking to cleaning.

The Playboy Mansion came complete with a phone they liked to call "Dial-A-Dream" because after pressing 0, you could ask for whatever you wanted, and they would bring it, regardless of whether it was day or night.

That means you could even order fast food in the middle of the night, and it would be delivered.


However, unlike some of the bunnies in the mansion, Jenna did not have sex with Hugh Hefner. The only incident she remembers is walking in on him as he was having sex, although she won't reveal who he was with.

Apparently, there were four people involved in the intercourse.

Hefner Had Separate Rooms For Official Girlfriends And Wives

According to Jenna, Hugh Hefner had three rooms for his official girlfriends and wives. The other girls had to live in the Bunny house.


Another perk to staying there is that anyone who was the playmate of the month could live there for free for a whole year.

All you had to do was help out with press releases and body painting. You would also go out with Hugh.

Jenna admits that a lot of girls tried to get closer to Hugh with the hopes of getting more money. However, when she was at the mansion, Hugh was in his 80s and 90s, so he was in no condition to sleep around with the girls.


According to Jenna, all Hugh did was shuffle around in his slippers.