Play It Cool - How To Just Be Yourself Around Your Crush

Play It Cool – How To Just Be Yourself Around Your Crush

Acting normal in front of your crush can be tough. You might be a confident and outspoken person normally, but find yourself speechless and shy when they're around. If this is you, it sounds like you might be struggling to show them more of your personality.

But how can they even find out how amazing you are if they don't see the real you? Not to worry - it just takes a little bit of practice. Here are a few tips that'll help you to act like yourself around your crush.


A Little Awkwardness Is Attractive

When you're around your crush, there'll always be a certain level of awkwardness. It doesn't matter how calm and composed you are at the moment. But sometimes, a touch of awkwardness can actually be kind of hot.

And don't think of it as a result of you being awkward at all - tell yourself it's tension because you're both attracted to each other. Trust me, your crush will pick up on those vibes too. You could crack a one-liner, ask a question, or give a compliment to lighten the mood.


Hang Out With Your Crush's Friends

You have your own set of friends. But, you could change the whole equation by getting in with your crush's friend circle. If things go well, one of your crush's friends could volunteer to be your wingman. Knowing their friends could make you both feel more comfortable, and it gives you a good foundation for your next conversation.

Your Crush Is Human Too

Think that your crush is way out of your league? Knock it off! Putting them on a pedestal like that can be dangerous. They're human too, with real flaws and feelings just like everybody else. Treat your crush like a normal person and try to form a deeper emotional connection.


Ask Them Questions

Asking your crush questions can divert attention from yourself. This is a great way to make the situation less embarrassing, plus you get to find out more about them. Make sure you listen carefully to what they have to say with a smile. Make sure you nod during the conversation - helping them feel heard will strengthen your bond. You can talk about similar experiences you've had to relate with your crush and give them a peek into your own life.


Something To Talk About

You can discuss each other's hobbies, favorite movies, foods, or travel destinations to start a conversation. Get to know about their favorite hangout spot - maybe you can meet up there later!

You can talk about each other's achievements, family, and friends to keep the conversation going. Don't switch to topics like life goals, self-improvement, ideal life partner, wedding plans, children, and so on, until you know them better. Don't force it.


And, though it might be tempting, only share secrets with your crush when you trust each other. But when you do, it can bring you closer together.

Act Confident

Don't stress over saying something "dumb" to your crush. Follow your heart and embrace whatever you've said. Act cool and confident. If you actually did say something dumb, just say it, laugh it off, and move on!

Nothing is sexier than confidence!


Work On Your Communication

The more you work on yourself, the easier it will be for you to behave normally around your crush.

Try getting involved with group activities like clubs, presentations, debates, and so on. You can improve skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, interpersonal skills, time management, adaptability, and much more through group activities.

Working on your personality will benefit you at work and school, but it can give you a major boost in your dating life too. Try reading self-help books to solve personal, professional, or dating problems on your own.


Crack Open A Good Book

If you've read a good book lately, it automatically gives you something to talk about. You shouldn't read for the sake of getting his or her attention, just read to improve yourself and open your mind. The rest will happen naturally.

Plus, it'll give you the chance to chat about current issues or more intense subjects. You'll not only seem smarter but more passionate too.


Rock That Body Language Baby!

Focus on keeping a good posture - it will show how confident you are. Try to naturally lock eyes and smile when you're having a conversation with him or her. Don't be afraid to use a playful shove or to gently place your hand on their back or arm.

But definitely know where to draw the line, so you don't act too creepy or inappropriate. Watch their body language too for cues!


Be True To You

There is no better way to be yourself around your crush than by sticking to your morals and values. It can be tempting to comprise our principles for the sake of getting closer to someone we care about.

But that's not who you are. You won't act or feel natural. Being honest with your crush will keep things simple and honest. Don't try to fool your crush by lying, exaggerating, or pretending to be someone you're not.


They Want The Real You

Basically, don't be ashamed of who you are and the things you like. No one wants a mirror image of themselves - it's okay to be different! Stand out and have fun, speak your mind, and be you. If you're destined to be together, they'll like what they see.