Planning A Vacation This Winter? Here Are 6 Outfit Ideas To Stand Out 

Planning A Vacation This Winter? Here Are 6 Outfit Ideas To Stand Out 

So, you finally found a vacation spot to let off steam… and you're ready to pack!

But wait, you don't want to appear a fool on the trip and in the pictures, do you? So, despite your gender, you need to be gram-ready every moment.

So, without further ado, read these women's winter outfit ideas that will make heads turn!

1. Comfortable Loungewear

Every woman wants to be the "hot woman" during the winter vacation. But that's too mainstream this season.

So, take the word of fashion icons and wear traveling loungewear. Go for a cropped hoodie with high-waist thermal leggings. Then, layer up with a mid-thigh length jacket for extra warmth. This will make you look so chic that you'll make all heads turn.

Meanwhile, the comfortable outfit will let you truly enjoy your vacation. Even if the winter breeze makes your hair frizzy, this look will make you look hot!

2. The Ultimate Camel Coat

Don't freak out if you don't have a put-together winter wardrobe! Instead, take a deep breath because you can still work out with everything you have.

Until now, if you didn't focus on your wardrobe, that's okay. However, your vacation will need a lot of investment, so don't unnecessarily spend more bucks on shopping.

Instead, invest in one fashionable piece: a timeless camel coat. You'll find many variants of it, like belts, double-breasts, and with a masculine hint.

You can layer it over a party dress, heels, cashmere turtlenecks, and boots. If a camel coat doesn't catch your heart, you can explore some other French clothing by Blue Illusion.

3. Teddy Coat With Sneakers

During the vacation, will you also attend any work meetings? Then, for those uncalled-for moments when a client demands a quick video call, you have to be prepared!

Of course, you hate it when they can't respect your boundaries. But well, work is work!

Pair a warm teddy coat with literally any outfit to look professional and yet have vacation vibes in your clicks.

4. Leather Jackets With Denim

If you bought a leather jacket but never got to use it, it's time!

Wear a turtleneck or round-neck thermals below. Pair it with your denim jeans and boots. To add oomph, don't forget to wear a scarf and a watch.

Stick to a monochromatic or neutral look. Don't add any popping bright colors like red or yellow in the mix.

But before you put that jacket on, massage it with a good moisturizer and let it soak. Next, get rid of all the dust to make the statement piece work. Lastly, curl your hair and put a nude lipstick…. and you're all set to raise the room's temperature!

5. Pea Coat

Do you plan to attend parties or pop the big question during the vacation? Then you can't miss this. It may appear a bit casual, but casual is the new sexy!

Pick a double-breasted overcoat. Stick to neutral tones like navy blue and black for the coat. You can layer this with anything.

For a casual look, go for a button-down shirt and denim jeans with brown boots. For something more formal, you can layer it with a well-tailored suit.

If it's a daytime activity or event, pop your aviators to protect your eyes from the jealous sunshine!

6. Wool Blazer

Nothing screams more "classy" in winter than a wool blazer. Especially if you want to get away from the bland, neutral colors and use a hint of brighter colors, you can get the blazers in edgy colors like purple, pink, or bright stone color.

They are also available in neutral colors. Just add a bright-toned dress shirt underneath, or use a colorful scarf for some color in your look.

Match it with a pair of comfortable shoes and boots, and you're good to go!

Over To You

The perfect vacation outfit will help you amplify your excitement this winter. If you're with your special person, it can kindle the fire of passion… and if you're yet to find him, this might be the beginning of your romance. So, buckle up, lady… your prince charming is waiting!