Plane Crashes Into Building In Connecticut

Plane Crashes Into Building In Connecticut

On September 2, a plane crashed into a building and started a huge fire, and evacuation efforts are still going on. The plane is believed to be a Cessna Citation 560X, a business jet that flew into a building in Farmington, Connecticut.

Trumpf Medical Systems, a manufacturing company, was hit at about 10 am local time.

The aircraft was heading towards Dare County Regional Airport in North Carolina after taking off from Robertson Airport in Plainville, Connecticut.

The Farmington Police Department requested the public to avoid the emergency area so that the response team could evacuate the area within the shortest time possible.

According to the police, a problem began in the air. Tim McKenzie, Farmington Police Lieutenant, explained that the crash might have been caused by issues during take-off:

"It appears there was some type of mechanical failure during the takeoff sequence that resulted in the crash behind us."

From there, the plane crashed into the ground before hitting the building.

After the crash, video footage emerged. The recording shows a huge fire on one side of the building as smoke billowed into the air.

The firefighters can also be seen on the scene trying to put out the flames.

According to reports, the plane had four passengers. However, it was not immediately clear what their condition was after the crash.

Later, it was confirmed that the plane crash resulted in the death of all the four people flying on it. However, their names have not yet been released, but it has been revealed that they consist of two pilots and two passengers.

It was also later confirmed that two employees working at the building suffered minor injuries. Initial reports by the police had claimed that no people were injured during the crash.

Otherwise, the FAA and NTSB (National Transport Safety Board) are investigating the crash.