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Pizza Vending Machines Could Be A Night Out Gamechanger

pizza vending machines could be a night out gamechanger

We all hope that soon, we will have the freedom to eat out again. With 'smart pizza' machines, you have one more reason to look forward to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of TikTok users are very excited about this new-age invention.

TikTokers have uploaded videos of the life-altering machines. In the video, you can see the TikToker as she is trying the pizza vending machine in Glasgow.

She visits the street to help viewers see how the marvelous modern wonder works. In the caption, she says:

"This has friend my brain. How is there a machine making pizzas."

pizza vending machines could be a night out gamechanger

She insists that the pizzas are not frozen. Rather, they are cooked.

"It's a fresh one. They're made somewhere else that day and out in the machine."

One commenter claimed:

"When people are drunk this is a godsend on the way home."

pizza vending machines could be a night out gamechanger

The pizza machine is called "Smart Pizza," and it can hold 96 fresh pizzas. The menu selection includes vegan and gluten-free pizzas.

In the UK, there are about three machines. There is a machine in Bristol, Isle of Man, and Glasgow.

Kristofer Maguire is the Managing Director of the company as well as his brother Raymond and their dad Kevin. They are based in Glasgow.

The company was very excited to reveal the new invention:

"After a successful day test baking out pizzas, we are over the moon to announce that we will be open from 1 pm tomorrow."

"As of 1 pm 28th November, Scotland's first pizza vending machine will be open for business on Glasgow's High Street."

The company also advised its customers to observe social distance at all times. They also claimed that they would have a staff member available to give the public directions about the queues.

The company was also quite appreciative of the support it had received from the people as well as their patience:

"All of us @thepizzamachine are sure you will absolutely love our pizzas."

pizza vending machines could be a night out gamechanger

At the moment, there are 223 pizza vending machines in Europe. Meanwhile, there are 2 machines in the United States.

The pizza machines have been quite popular in Japan for several years, and now, it seems like they are going mainstream. Happy revelers will certainly appreciate them as they stumble back home after a night out.