Pisces Is The Best Sign In The Zodiac - Here Are The Reasons Why

Pisces Is The Best Sign In The Zodiac – Here Are The Reasons Why

Pisces have a reputation in the zodiac of being emotional, dreamers, and kind of hard to pin down - the fish really is the perfect symbol of a Pisces! Rather than being tethered to the land and the real, we (yes, you've got a Pisces right here, but this is an *entirely* objective article!) find ourselves swimming in the depths of our minds, open to all sorts of emotions. But possibly, sometimes a little difficult to understand from the outside.

Having said all that, Pisces is kind of the rockstar sign of the zodiac (if I do say so myself). Here are the top six reasons why:

1. Not just friends with anyone - but firm friends until the end

If you know any Pisces there's a good chance it took you a while to become friends with them. Not just casual acquaintances but real friends. For better or worse that's sort of our deal. The upside of this is that when you reach the threshold you've got a friend for life. No flaking, no disappearing. And if you disappear on a side path along life's road, don't worry, you can still reach out and we'll be right there where you need us.

This can be slightly infuriating and confusing for the more outgoing members of the zodiac (looking at you Leo), but really it's one of the best qualities of a Pisces, and so if you feel it is taking a little too long to get to know your Pisces friends, be patient. It's worth the wait.

2. We're all human - a Pisces will forgive and forget

It kind of goes without saying, but in addition to always being there for our friends, Pisces are eternally optimistic about the human spirit. My personal motto is "everyone makes mistakes" and this is basically the Pisces outlook on life. We're all human, we all make mistakes and as Pisces, we can always forgive. This is a quality that is easy for others to take advantage of, but of course, even then, a Pisces will try to empathise and see things from the other person's perspective. Maybe they had a reason to take advantage?

3. We might seem meek and mild at times but don't be fooled - when we believe in something we believe it with all our heart

We may not be the loudest sign in the zodiac but actually, we can be pretty opinionated when the moment is right. Coming right back to being dreamers AND being empathetic, when we care about something we not only care about it logically, we feel it with every fiber of our being.

As well, because we're prone to swimming in our own internal worlds, Pisces are often immune to social pressures to conform. It's not that we're non-conformists per se, more that we simply want to do the right thing whether that's going against norms or not. We're not inherently anti-authority or breakers of the mold, it just so happens that our other qualities combine to mean that when we feel there's an injustice, we will speak up and speak loudly.

4. We demand the truth - both from ourselves and others

Pisces is a water sign and our symbol is the fish. All the water signs (and there are three) have a desire to know the truth, and Pisces are no different. We seek out the truth from ourselves and others.

I can personally attest to being a terrible liar and also being able to tell almost immediately when someone is lying to me. With the Pisces in your life, tell them the truth. We can handle it, and what's more, we appreciate it. I'd prefer to hear the ugly truth over pretty lies. You can trust a Pisces and we will trust you (back to point 1, another reason we don't just let anyone into the inner sanctum) - we will tell you our truth, and we will keep your secrets. However, we have no time for your lies! Honesty is the way to our hearts

5. For all the emotion we have bubbling under the surface, we often won't show it when we're having problems

I mentioned above that we have a pretty strong internal world, and that's true, but one thing you won't necessarily find is a Pisces being really outwardly emotional. I mean, sure, sometimes we can get pretty heated in an argument (see point 3) but you'll generally find Pisces to be pretty calm and measured. You'll also find that under pressure we retreat to our own world to deal with our problems.

This is me to a tee. I often won't even talk about any problems I'm having until I've reached a nice conclusion in my head. Once I'm at peace with everything, then I'll talk. This can be frustrating if you are the type to talk things through, but just know that retreating for us is the way we deal with life's ups-and-downs. We just sometimes need space, so don't worry if the Pisces in your life is retreating during a difficult time - we're just recovering and getting the energy we need.

6. We're true to ourselves

Last, but absolutely not least, Pisces are truly the individuals of the zodiac. Sure we have a whole bunch of things in common, but these commonalities encourage us to be true to ourselves. We can be sarcastic and funny, and equally sweet and kind. Just when you think you've got us pegged down, we'll go and do something that seems totally unexpected. It's probably not unexpected to us - we're not just individuals for individual's sake - it's just that we often think about things in different ways and act accordingly. We're unconcerned by norms and expectations, all we want is to stay true to ourselves. This last quality can manifest itself in all sorts of ways. We're equally as comfortable hanging out in our own thoughts as going on a spontaneous adventure, so don't be surprised when we do the unexpected!