Pisces In 2019

19 February – 20 March

This is the year when dreams can be realised, your creative juices flow, travel to faraway lands is in the cards and your career can blossom.

Home and Family

Gatherings and celebrations are starred in April and July, so you may have to put on your party-planning hat – although in July you could find one of your best social events to date unfolds when you ask people to rock up with their favourite dish or a bottle. Being laid-back and letting things unfold at their own pace could be good for one and all, seeing them relax and reveal their warm, witty and caring sides. Getting everyone together around May could prove there’s more to your clan than meets the eye, with perhaps a budding Picasso on the singer in your midst.

Cash and Career

Your money planet Mars heads through nine signs this year and doesn’t go retrograde. This should give you the building blocks to create what you need from both finances and your career. These two areas of your life go hand in hand for much of the year, and the more you pour energy into one the more the other could improve. Imagine working on them both at the same time and how dazzling the results could be! Attending courses, reading textbooks, or asking experts for tips could improve your career prospects and future salary. Plus, taking jobs because they pay more could help you climb up the career ladder to reach something more appealing, thanks to the experience you’ll gain. You’re on a roll, so keep going.

Love and Friendship

You may find yourself wanting more from your relationships and that’s what you’ll get. We’re talking quantity and quality, with lots of that closeness you crave, plus the stimulation you need. Sensual, alluring Neptune is in your sign, and whether you’re attached or single, this could give you the X-factor like never before. Use it wisely if you’re single by tuning into your intuition to help you decide if a date has potential. Couples could find they become closer, sharing fears and secrets they’ve never discussed. September is a month when friendships should blossom and take you places. June and August meanwhile bring a romantic haze, and time spent with your significant other could make you feel like you haven’t got a care in the world.

Top 3 Tips

  1. Team up with the right organisation and success is yours
  2. Shake yourself out of a rut and set lifestyle goals
  3. Think like a rich person to increase your wealth

Diary Entries 2019


Romance is in the air. Create special moments with your beloved or sign up pronto to a dating agency.


If you’re low in energy, listen to your body. Vital lifestyle changes are quickly needed.


You may be tempted to treat yourself when extra money comes in. Resist the urge and invest your cash wisely instead.


Love and romance that comes your way a second time around is for keeps. You might not be aware of it yet, but your instincts will let you know.


You need to get serious about job prospects and money goals. Keep your personal life away from work.


Stop fantasising about what might be. Winning the lotto is one in 45 million, so pursue more practical money-generating ideas.


Stay away from someone who’s unreliable. You’ll only get thanklessly drawn in trying to help them.


If someone lets you down, take time out. A better opportunity awaits.


Be honest if you are your own worst enemy with money. Turn to an expert for advice about how to manage your finances better.


Foreign connections bring a lucky opportunity. Don’t turn down an invitation to travel or an invite to celebrate Christmas abroad.


If you’ve been working hard, now the rewards come pouring in. Exciting new horizons beckon.


Time out is the answer, so plan a big trip or sabbatical. A new way of working challenges, but teamwork is the key.