Pink Says Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Can Not Have A Phone Until She Can Prove Social Media Is Good For You

Pink may have a presence on social media, but her 11-year-old daughter Willow does not.

It seems unlikely that this will change in the near future, so don't expect to see her daughter participating in any TikTok dance trends.

The 43-year-old artist recently spoke with KTU 103.5 FM about her latest album, personal life, and family. While on the Carolina With Greg T In The Morning Show, the 'So What?' singer shared that her daughter is the sole student in her class without a mobile phone.

She added that it is for a good reason.

"My kids don't have a phone, and my daughter is the only 11-year-old in her class that doesn't have one," Pink shared.

"It's hard. A lot of my friends have their kids on TikTok, and I don't."

Then, she explained what she had told her daughter, who had used that argument in discussions with her mother about phones previously.

"I told Willow, 'That just doesn't move my needle. They're not my kids. You're my kid'," the talented singer said.

During the radio interview, Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Hart, mentioned that discussing social media usage with her daughter can be challenging, given that Willow is the child of a celebrity.

"She has a lot of eyes on her," the 43-year-old mum pointed out.

The singer of 'Who Knew' also expressed that her daughter's mental well-being is more significant than her popularity among her peers.

"I told her, point blank, 'If you can produce literature from a reputable source that tells me that social media is good for you, then you can be on it. Otherwise, good luck'," she said, adding:

"She could be a lawyer, she could literally pass the bar. She's always right."

The celebrity did not dismiss the possibility of Willow discovering that proof someday, but she is not very optimistic about it.

It seems like the singer is focused on providing her daughter with meaningful and constructive opportunities.

During her daughter's debut job, she will accompany her mother on tour and earn compensation, just like any other child on their first job.

"Willow has a job on tour," she shared.

"We just had to go over minimum wage and it's different from state to state."