Pink October - Breast Cancer Awareness

It was the day of your birthday. A day of celebration with laughs and presents.

Instead, on this day, we had our hearts broken, and tears kept falling.

Cancer stage III, we heard. We couldn't believe those words.

She listened with tears in her eyes but kept her calm in front of me. She didn't want to hurt me and said, "I'm here, and I will always be here for you."

I was shaking and crying in silence. Why her?

She was always kind to us, to friends. Always helping people in need, even her worst enemies. I felt guilt when cancer showed up.

Begging God, that's just a nightmare. When I wake up, it will be as if nothing has happened.

Unfortunately, it was a reality that we couldn't escape.

The treatment started. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It was a tough time.

The loss of her smile, the loss of appetite, and the loss of her long hair killed me.

Feeling helpless in front of her pains and tears, I wiped her face and tried to take care of her as much as possible.

Spending time with her at the hospital, lying down with her, and watching my favorite tattoo artist she didn't like. Her smile appeared. We laughed instead of crying, and I saw this beautiful woman getting her smile and her appetite for life back.

Her strength was unique, and she became a great fighter I'd never seen before.

Dear Cancer, dealing with you for five years wasn't easy.

You made us cry, but she finally put you down with a majestic KO. This unique human being became a Fighter, a Survivor, and a Hero.

Yes, my beautiful hero who cried in silence but didn't forget the promise she made that she would always be here for me. Cancer, you suck, but you messed with the wrong woman!

Women around the world check your breasts.

Mammography can save your life. Reach out to the different breast cancer organizations close to you.

They will give you all the information you need to know.