The alpacas are relatives of camels but are smaller, cuter, and extremely photogenic. They look like a fluffy, cuddly teddy and just know how to appear in front of cameras and turn out looking super gorgeous!

One look at their big eyes and smiles, funky hairstyles, and aloof attitide, your day will shine brighter and your face, full of smiles just like mine.

Alpacas are often confused with Llamas but they are not the same.

Differences between Llamas and Alpacas

Llamas are way bigger than alpacas with an average weight of 400 to 500 pounds. Alpacas, on the other hand, have a maximum weight of about 200 pounds.

The fibers of an alpaca is softer, curlier, and warmer than that of a llama. They are often used in making socks and sweaters while llama fibres are used for rugs.

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Even though llamas are bigger, they are friendlier than alpacas.  The founder of Aurora Alpaca and Llama Farm says “Alpacas are more like cats while llamas are like dogs”. So we can say that alpacas are cute but aloof, treating you like they own you instead of the other way round.

Fun Facts About Alpacas

They are the smallest members of the camel family.

They are adorable, docile, and soft (as soft as they look).

They are very curious. No wonder they seek cameras. If only they know how cute they look once they appear before one.

Alpacas spit when they feel threatened or distressed but won’t spit at people unless abused.

Alpacas hum; they shriek when in danger and sort of bark with a “wark” when excited.

Alpacas don’t have teeth in the top-front of their mouth.

A baby alpaca is called a Cria.

99% of their population is found in South America.

They can be adopted as pets with the right training.

Alpacas are a gift to us all. Below is an amazing compilation of them in some of their cutest moments. Your day is about to brighten up!

Cody, The Teeny Tiny Alpaca celebrates the New Year.

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