pictured: father caught trying to escape through airport baggage conveyor after throwing newborn over 22 feet to her death [police]

A man threw a baby over a balcony to her death, set an apartment on fire, killed the family dog, and got involved in a hit-and-run. After the horrific crime spree, the Nevada man tried to get away.

However, the police caught up with him as he was crawling through a baggage conveyor at a Las Vegas airport.

Clarence Martin Jr. threw his 2-month-old daughter to her death. The girl, London Martin, was thrown from the 2nd-floor of their apartment home in Las Vegas at their Positano Apartments.

Apparently, this happened at 4 in the morning. This is according to reports by the Metropolitan Police Department.

When the police got to the scene, the little girl was in her mother’s arms. They were in the parking lot.

After the baby was taken to St. Rose Hospital and Medical Center, she was pronounced dead. The girl had fallen more than 22 feet.

What Led To This Mayhem?

Apparently, Martin was arguing with Nicole Poole, the girl’s mother. During the face-off, the child’s father, according to police reports:

Grabbed the child from the mother, walked outside, and threw the baby from the second-story balcony onto the asphalt below.

pictured: father caught trying to escape through airport baggage conveyor after throwing newborn over 22 feet to her death [police]

Before then, the mother was sleeping with the baby, when Martin started to kick them.

This made her take the baby and go to the sitting room, where she sat on the couch. It was while she was there that Martin stormed in and snatched the baby from her arms.

Then the unexpected happened as he walked to the balcony with the baby in his hands and came back without her.

It was then that Nicole realized what had happened. She ran downstairs and got London and tried to flee with her out of fear that Martin would chase them down:

Poole ran outside and discovered her baby laying on the ground in the parking area. She ran down and picked her baby up, ran southbound through the complex because she thought Martin was chasing her.

However, Martin was at the time engaged in another serious crime. In the brief moment he was left in the apartment, he set it on fire.

Then the drove away in Nicole’s car.

Infidelity Allegedly To Blame

As he got into the vehicle, a neighbor allegedly heard Martin shout expletives:

Burn, b****, burn. This is what you get for cheating on me.

Unfortunately for the family’s white poodle, the house was set on fire while it was still in its cage. According to the police, the heat and the smoke killed the dog.

And as he was running away, Martin got involved in a hit-and-run accident. Then he went to McCarran International Airport, and while there, he got involved in another collision.

At this point, he abandoned the car and went towards the airport. Soon, he was seen inside the airport, shirtless and trying to open a locked door.

When asked about it, he crawled onto the luggage conveyor and then got into a break room. While there, he found a “TSA Security” shirt and put it on.

pictured: father caught trying to escape through airport baggage conveyor after throwing newborn over 22 feet to her death [police]

But soon his escape was cut short after police caught up with him while on the airport’s runway. During his capture, he kicked an officer in the leg while screaming:

“Burn, b****, burn! Jeffreys Street, Jeffreys Street!”

Mental Health Issues Might Have Played A Role

According to Nicole, Martin deals with mental health challenges. For three days before the incident happened, he had not eaten or even slept.

At this moment, he faces charges of open murder, first-degree arson, torture of an animal, and battery on a protected person. On GoFundMe, the family is getting support to manage the burial and funeral expenses of their dead baby girl.