Just when you think you have nature figured out, it throws another surprise right in your face.

Here is the one you didn’t see coming – an owl taking care of a duckling.

The unusual sight was photographed by Laurie Wolf (a fitting name for this photography niche by the way).

Wolf did not see anything out of sorts at first, she just assumed that the young bird beside the owl was, well, a smaller owl. But a closer look left her shocked. The owl was raising a baby duck.

Even after seeing the sight with her own eyes, and taking the photos to convince the rest of us that she was not messing with our minds, she admits that she is still in total disbelief of what she witnessed. “It’s not believable to me to this day,” she insists.

She is a wildlife photographer for heaven’s sake. So, imagine the level of disbelief the rest of us should have if an expert wildlife photographer thinks this makes no sense.

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Actually, when she first saw the two together, she panicked out of total concern for the little duckling. She assumed the small bird would soon turn into a nice meal for the famed nocturnal predator.

She immediately got in touch with a bird expert to voice her concerns, and her fears were instantly confirmed – the duckling was as good as dead.

She was even made an offer – the local wildlife sanctuary would care for it if Wolf could manage to catch it and save its life.

She and her husband attempted the rescue, but it got away (birds, right?).

It is believed that the whole wonder of nature began when a duck put an egg in the owl’s box where it hatched. The cute and unlikely story quietly unfolded from there until Wolf shared it on her Facebook page.

Wolf went on to claim that she did not think that she would ever experience something similar in her life again. It’s hard to disagree with her, don’t you think?