Photographer Captures Exact Moment A 'Curious' Squirrel Stops To Smell Flowers

In Vienna, Austria, a photographer captured the heartwarming moment when a small ground squirrel stopped to smell and hug a yellow daisy flower.

Nothing makes an adventure enthusiast happier than capturing wildlife and nature in the raw form. The animal kingdom works in particular ways that we sometimes may find hard to understand. And one photographer was able to portray this when he began taking pictures of a curious squirrel.


Dick Van Duijn recently traveled to Vienna with one mission; to take pictures of ground squirrels in the wild.

It's always a challenge to capture close-up photos of squirrels because they run really fast.

But Dick Van Duijn doesn't seem to have much trouble capturing squirrels in the wild. His camera shots are breathtaking.

Red squirrel species are getting extinct


The population of red squirrels is declining over the past decade, and it's a real joy to see someone capturing such beautiful red squirrels up close like this.

The famous shot, a squirrel smelling a yellow daisy

Even though it took Dick Van Duijn more than 2 hours and 200 photos, he was able to capture the absolute perfect moment of a squirrel examining a yellow daisy.


But it made it all worth it when he was able to capture the exact moment when the squirrel pulled in the daisy to smell it.


In the photos, the wild squirrel reaches for a yellow daisy, holding the flower close to its face. Its eyes are closed as it seemingly inhales the floral scent.

Apparently, the little fellow was pretty hungry too. Moments later, the rodent leaned in to take a bite of the flower.

In an interview, Dick Van Duijn said:

"There were a lot of curious squirrels, so it was hard not to photograph them. To capture one with a flower like this took a lot of patience and shots."


"The moment the squirrel smelled the flower and planted his face in the flower, I knew this was the picture of a lifetime!"

He explained it was an incredible feeling to witness and capture the squirrel smelling the daisy flower on camera.

He said:

"I felt really happy and satisfied with the shot."

His photos have since gone viral all over the world, and he believes their popularity is partly due to people's disconnection from nature.


Van Duijin explained:

"I think people don't spend enough time in nature because of the lifestyle we have developed in the west."

"When people are reminded about how beautiful and cute nature can be, they'll feel better about themselves and the world around them."

The 34-year-old hopes that his photos will encourage people "to go out and visit nature more often."

He added:


"Nature is endless, so the subjects for my pictures are endless as well. You can never finish photographing all that there is to see."

"That provides me with inspiration for a lifetime."

It's pretty clear how nature and wildlife can be beautiful, and we should devote more of our time visiting and enjoying it.