Photo Goes Viral Showing A Dad Who Gets To Be The First To "Breastfeed" His Daughter

photo goes viral showing a dad who gets to be the first to “breastfeed” his daughter

The first few moments of a child's life are sometimes the most vital and unpredictable. That is why great care should be taken when babies are born to ensure they are safe and feel secure.

When things didn't go as planned for one couple, there was some improvisation that helped make sure their newly-born daughter still got the natural breastfeeding experience.

A Difficult Birth

April Neubauer was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia - a complication in pregnancy that involves high blood pressure.

Additionally, the condition can also be characterized by damage to organs such as the kidneys and liver.

The symptoms normally show up when women are 20 weeks pregnant, even if they were completely healthy before.

Because of the condition, there was a risk of complications when it was time for little Rosalía Lupita Valentina Neubauer to be born.

When the time came, doctors had no choice but to induce labor and break April's water. It was the best chance they could give mother and daughter to survive the birth.

For April and Maxamillian, the baby's father, it was important that she had skin contact with her mom as soon as she was born.

They also wanted her to be breastfed so she could immediately start bonding with her loving mother.

After experiencing seizures, April was taken to the hospital where she was prepared to have a C-section.

Unfortunately, during this procedure, she had another seizure. Max waited outside while his daughter came into the world.

While the tired mother was being stabilized, he got to meet his baby daughter.

First Contact

Because the new parents were insistent on giving their child skin contact, Max had to step in.

A nurse asked him to breastfeed Rosalia and of course, the dad would not pass up such a chance.

He said the nurse asked if he could use a nipple and do some real breastfeeding. He agreed and the nurses were giggling but very happy for the baby.

The plan was to feed Rosalia formula until April had recovered enough to breastfeed.

When Max was preparing to do his bit, they got him a syringe, nipple shield and tube so he could feed his child.

The baby was placed on her dad's chest and she began to feed as she normally would, though with some compromises.

It was a little strange for Max but undoubtedly a magical experience.

Our nurse helped a lot — I mean I've never breastfed or even thought in a thousand years I would.

April had no idea what happened until afterward when she was feeling better.

She was happy and grateful that her husband would step up like that. The new mom was also glad that the nurse had thought of doing it in the first place.

After my procedure, I was out for hours. It was very important for us to breastfeed her and my doctors and nurses knew how important this was to us.

It was definitely unexpected but he would never do anything he would feel I wasn't comfortable with. Since I was unable to right away due to some health issues, I'm glad my husband was able to step in.

This is certainly a story that Max can tell Rosalia with pride when she is old enough to understand.