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PetSmart Is Selling Halloween Costumes For Guinea Pigs And They're So Cute


Why should cats and dogs have all the fun during the holidays? If you are a proud owner of guinea pigs and want to join in the festive spirit, you will be delighted to know that PetSmart has an adorable collection of tiny guinea pig Halloween costumes that you simply can't ignore.

1. It Is Called The Thrills & Chills Collection

The name of the concept is quite amusing, wouldn't you agree? And the range of Halloween costumes for guinea pigs offered by PetSmart is quite extensive, ensuring that every little furry friend can join in on the fun.

2. There Is Even A Mermaid Costume

Isn't it amazing to see a guinea pig donning a mermaid costume? But if you're looking for another magical and whimsical option, the pink unicorn costume is equally enchanting and stunning.

3. But That Is Not All!

You can make your guinea pig stand out from the crowd with creative costumes such as a hot dog, lobster, bumblebee, or even a spooky Halloween pumpkin (my favorite!). For a really unique look, there's also a dragon costume that's sure to draw attention.

4. They Are Super Affordable Too

At PetSmart, you can find costumes for your guinea pig for just $6.99 each! This makes it easy to dress up your pet without breaking the bank, as guinea pigs are so small that not much fabric is needed.