Period Sex: Everything You Wanted To Know And More

Period Sex: Everything You Wanted To Know And More

Your sex drive is over the top, and you want to know how to have mess-free period sex. Welcome to the world where your sexual activity will not be judged during that time of the month!

Period sex is still considered to be taboo. To break this controversial topic, we combined personal plus sex therapist advice. All for your pleasure!

Sex Lives During That Time Of The Month

period sex: everything you wanted to know and more

Some women have an incredible desire for sex or any kind of sexual activity while they're on their period. If you're one of them, the first thing to do is to talk to your partner.

There's no reason to be ashamed because menstruation is part of your womanhood. However, there are some risks involved, which you should not ignore.


Chances of getting pregnant during the period are lower than during your ovulation, but let's not kid ourselves: you should use protection because that's one thing you don't want to mess with.

Additionally, you need protection to guard against STDs because your period makes it easier to transmit sexually transmitted infections. No, you definitely don't want that!

According to experts, period sex is different from intercourse during the other 20+ days of the month. So, enjoy it, but do use condoms because your private parts are a bit more sensitive. That's all.

Mess-Free Period Sex

period sex: everything you wanted to know and more

Your period gives you natural lubrication, which is the upside. The downside of period sex is all the chaos it will leave behind.

There's no need to panic. You merely need to prepare.


Remove your pad, menstrual cup, or tampon, and place a towel beneath you. Yes, preferable something in darker shades.

Using a condom will be less stressful for your partner when you're having period sex for the first time. There will be blood, and it won't be a pretty sight, but follow your libido.

Sperm can live as long as up to five days, so instead of unwanted pregnancy, think ahead.

For most women, usual sexual positions will work just fine. But, if you feel any signs of discomfort, try something different. It's an excellent opportunity to explore what's on the market apart from your usual routine.

Sex during your period might leave you with extra benefits, such as natural pain and headaches relief. It's all about the hormones, and since most of us ladies usually feel like crap during that time of the month, we deserve a good orgasm.

Oral Sex During Your Menstruation

period sex: everything you wanted to know and more

You can let your partner go down on you, and there's no reason not to. But, you want to be a good hostess, so to make things more comfortable menstrual cups and menstrual discs will help.

The flexible disks are inserted into the vaginal canal just like tampons but lie higher in your vagina, at the vaginal fornix. This allows you to have penetrative sex without the mess.

This also allows your partner to enjoy your higher sensitivity while taking to the wildest places. According to experts, once you find ways to get rid of the messiness, there is nothing but pure enjoyment.

One of the best sex tips you will ever get is to follow your body. If you crave some oral, ask for it. If you need a new position, get busy. Some might enjoy sex toys; others will want more tenderness.

It's your body and your period, and all your partner needs to know is that you're ready to roll.

There's Dirty Sex, And There's Period Sex

period sex: everything you wanted to know and more

You know that great sex is dirty, kinky, nasty,… But when it comes to those days of the month, many of us ladies tend to be more self-conscious.

Instead of fighting your urges, shower right before the game begins, and stop thinking about your bodily fluids.

To remove bloodstains efficiently, soak your sheets and towels in cold salt water before washing. And before you even get out of bed, use wipes.

If it still feels weird, there's no one saying that you have to have sex during your period. It's a choice, and over 30 percent of women are enjoying it. Some even say that it's better than usual, blood-free sex.

It's best to try it, and if you're stuck in your head, maybe let go for now. There will be more periods and more occasions to conquer that controversial, yet perfectly natural, period sex!

Remember that you deserve all the best after surviving PMS, so enjoy your orgasms and have fun!