Perfect Parents Don't Exist, But Kids Do

Perfect Parents Don’t Exist, But Kids Do

You will always meet someone in life that will make you feel like you are the worst parent ever. It is because of them you doubt your parenting. Tell them what you think, don't run away. You have to face those situations, don't escape. Otherwise, you will lock up yourself at home with your children.

Don't ever doubt yourself

For example, you go to the store and you want your kids to behave. A store is a trap for children. At the entrance, you got games close to the bubble gum machine. Next to the bread, there is a bunch of candies. You want to buy food. You need to go fast enough to avoid the aisles of toys. A kid at the store feels like Alice in Wonderland. First of all, it is big, yes, more space to play and full of temptations. No matter where you are with your children, you will always have people staring at you. If their eyes make you feel like a "Momster," just pretend they don't exist. Those people act like they've never been children themselves or this situation never happened to them. For this reason, don't be ashamed they are not you! Face this « kids challenge store » with your head up!

Or when you go to the daycare to pick up your kids. You always had to confront a worker saying negative comments to put you down. At this moment, you wonder if you are a good parent. Really? Do you doubt your parenting because of those people? You will meet negative people everywhere, so don't doubt yourself. They don't need to know your personal life, but they should be a support, not a bully.

All of these parents have one thing in common, the well-being of their children

I used to work in different schools. So one thing I used to love to do was to talk to the parents. I needed to know and understand their struggles. On the other hand, it was my way to find out why their kids didn't feel good or had bad behavior sometimes. Some of these parents were struggling with illness. Some were jobless, facing a divorce, a loss, a depression. It wasn't easy for them. Just listen. It can help them and you a lot! Give them good advice with a positive attitude. Being negative in situations like this helps nobody.

It is easy to criticize a parent for the way their kids behave. No matter what family background they come from, you can't judge them. Some great parents put their kids in front of the tv, with their favorite cookies, not because they want to have peace or be free to do what they want. They will hide crying in silence in the kitchen so they can come back with the biggest smile for their kids. Others have 2 jobs to make sure their kids have a place to live. Some of you put food on the table and hardly eat yourself so that your kids can be full.

Dear parents: married, single, widowed, or divorced, to sum you up, you are a Hero. You always want to protect them and you sacrifice yourself for their well-being. Try to understand perfect parents don't exist! Your kids are perfect, yes they are, in your eyes. Your love for them is unconditional. Plus, they live inside the best part of you, in your heart.