People Who Swear Are Better Friends According To Study

People Who Swear Are Better Friends According To Study

If your bestie has a potty mouth, they are a keeper! Even science proved so.

It's nerve-wracking to see your besties hanging out with your new lover. You know they'll eventually love each other, but your friends swear like sailors! And it's so embarrassing… Yet, you adore them, and all you can do is try not to blush.

The truth is that people are making a huge deal out of nothing. Swearing isn't a sign of stupidity or lack of manners. And several universities worldwide decided to prove that a friend who swears is a keeper.

The study was performed by Maastricht University, Netherlands, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Stanford, USA, and the University of Cambridge, UK. Conclusion: foul-mouthed people have excellent interpersonal skills.

The research discovered that people who don't sugar coat their feelings or opinions are more honest and have a high sense of integrity not only in how they carry themselves but how they communicate in society too.

Additionally, the study proved that people who swear are more intelligent. A paper entitled "The Pragmatics of Swearing," explained that people who curse a lot appreciate the characteristics of language.

People who use taboo words understand their general expressive content and nuanced differences that must be drawn to use slurs correctly. The ability to make a nuanced distinction indicates the presence of more linguistic knowledge.

The Pragmatics of Swearing

And as an icing on a cake, potty-mouthed people have a unique way to get rid of stress.

It's simple: you notice you're feeling discomfort, recognize and vocalize it. It's like instant relief, and it takes a lot of emotional intelligence to get through all these stages in seconds.

And there you go, folks! If there ever was a reason to love taboo words, this must be it! Sure, it's not recommended language for a professional environment, but other than that, you're fantastic!