People Who Pleasure Themselves Regularly Are More Likely To Be Managers, Survey Says

People Who Pleasure Themselves Regularly Are More Likely To Be Managers, Survey Says

Human sexuality is very broad, and while some aspects of it are well-accepted and respected, others are often kept private for multiple reasons.

Although some people might not readily admit to it, they usually pleasure themselves, and a new study has now found out the common traits of those most likely to engage in this popular form of self-gratification.

The new study makes it very clear: those who masturbate are more likely to be managers at work.

Here's everything you need to know about this.

1. Frequent Masturbators are More Likely To Be Employed

It does not matter if it's a full-time or a short-term job, but apparently, those who pleasure themselves regularly are more likely to be working with stable work lives.

Of the people involved in this study, 85.3% of those who engaged in this act were gainfully employed. Among those who did not frequently pleasure themselves, only 75% were gainfully employed.

2. More Likely To Be Managers

The results of this study revealed that 35.9% of all the people who liked to pleasure themselves were managers at their places of work. But among those who did not, only 25% had the same role at work.

3. Pleasuring Yourself Improves Chances Of Reaching Orgasm During Sex

Apparently, those who pleasure themselves are more likely to reach climax during sex. A convincing 81% admitted to this fact. However, for those who did not, just 69.8% reached climax during sex. So, this act is an indicator of better sexual health.

4. Self-Pleasurers Likely To Make More Money

People who regularly "enjoyed their own company" made about $47,076 a year in comparison to those who did not pleasure themselves, who only made an average of $44,006 a year. Although that is not a massive difference, it is a notable distinction between these two categories of earners.

5. The Study Was Done By Univia

The study was done by Univia and it involved more than 1,000 Americans. And their intention was not to out managers as chronic self-pleasers but to find out how masturbation influenced people's self-care routines and overall health.

In general, they found out that people who were pleasuring themselves regularly were doing better in life, with managers standing out.

So, what's the lesson here? Clearly, getting yourself off regularly might not be such a bad idea after all. Those who are doing it more are doing much better than their counterparts in many other aspects of their lives.