People Who Drink Are More Likely To Engage In Sexting, Study Says

People Who Drink Are More Likely To Engage In Sexting, Study Says

Not all of us are into sexting, and that's okay. Still, some couples swear that sexting is one of the things that keep intimacy alive in their relationships.

This form of messaging is significant in cases where couples don't get to see each other often.

However, apart from people in long-distance relationships, people dating casually also find sexting very important. Usually, these people meet on dating sites.


Some people find sexting a little strange, and apparently, those who don't mind sending naughty messages tend to like drinking. This finding was made by research conducted by Computers and Human Behavior.

Scientists discovered that alcohol and sexting are highly correlated among college students.

The study was led by Autumn Rae Florimbio, who works at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She was curious to discover how our attitudes affect expectations of events and behavior.


It is already known that alcohol affects our sexual behaviors, and Florimbio wanted to find out if it also affects sexting.

In the study, it was discovered that sexting is affected by alcohol use.

A total of 534 undergraduate students were surveyed regarding their sex drives, alcohol use, and sexting behavior. The study concluded that alcohol use had a positive effect on sexting.


About 50% of the students said they had sent a sext, while 40% said they had requested one. It also turned out that these students had also said that they drank more frequently.

Typically, more alcohol use was related to greater sexting frequency.

Florimbio explained that the results were not completely foolproof. She pointed out that the results could vary if the sample did not involve college students.


The data were also collected at a single time, meaning casual conclusions about the results obtained cannot be made.

The lead investigator hopes there will be more research into the connection between alcohol use and sexting. If the results of this study are anything to go by, then there is a strong relationship between sexting and drinking.