People Spot Terrifying Figure In Video Of TikTok Dancer Who Was Home Alone

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One TikToker known as Reu, from Canada, freaked out his followers after uploading a video of dancing moves. Reu was seemingly home alone and had been for weeks. But, as his followers spotted a figure in the background, the whole case appeared to be straight out of Scream movie.

Reu, 22, is seen moving his arm, and in a split of a second, there seems to be something in the background. The followers freaked out:

"The AMOUNT OF ANXIETY I have from his video. That's someone literally poking their head TO LOOK AT YOU."


lmao i’m home alone so i learned a tiktok dance. lov u doja but what has my life come to? #musiclives #positivevibes #sayso #qurantine #boredathome

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Another user commented:


Another simply wrote:

"It's 3 am I did not need this right now."

People were genuinely freaked out:

"When I tell you, my heart DROPPED."

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Of course, some assumed that the whole thing was planned for Reu's video to go viral:

"The fact he said he's home alone kinda makes me feel it's staged tho.

Another said:

"Look man I MIGHT OF [sic] believed you if you didn't specifically say you were home alone."

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Reu posted follow-up videos, with the first one saying simply:

"I'm kinda stomach sick right now, and I was in and out of sleep all last night."

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He barely slept after the video was filmed, saying:

"I'm like 99% certain that it wasn't a person on the stairs because the stairs are loud… The audio from the TikTok when I was recording wasn't that loud, I definitely would have heard them. The stairs are creaking like hell."

Reu thought it was a person but soon ruled that out as he talked to friends and family. He checked the "entire house, and there's really nowhere for anyone to hide."


answering some questions. i’ll be answering some more questions over the next few days. i will only be answering questions from dms on insta.

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So, what was that figure behind him?