People Revisiting Iconic Movie Grease Label It As 'Sexist,' 'Misogynistic,' And 'Problematic'


People who are watching Grease again today are calling the movie 'sexist,' 'misogynistic' and 'problematic'.

The classic musical from 1978 is packed with unforgettable scenes and hit songs that are catchy and easily recognizable.

With John Travolta and the late Olivia Newton-John in the lead roles, the film tells the story of two folks who fall in love during a summer, believing they'll never meet again, only to become classmates the next year.


The movie was a massive hit, making around $396 million on a $6 million budget. Over time, it has become a beloved cult classic and has even earned a spot in the National Film Registry for preservation.

Yet, folks watching it 45 years later are now pointing out some 'problematic' aspects of the film.

It's widely known that some cast members were quite a bit older than the characters they portrayed on screen. For instance, when Olivia Newton-John began filming Grease, she was 29, even though her character was meant to be around 17 or 18.


Meanwhile, Betty Rizzo, who led the Pink Ladies, was written as a 17-year-old but was portrayed by 33-year-old Stockard Channing.

However, during recent viewings, folks have spotted certain problems in the movie that they think don't stand the test of time.

To begin with, there are concerns about the lyrics in the song 'Summer Nights,' particularly the line 'Did she put up a fight,' which has made some viewers feel uneasy. It seems to imply that Danny may have pressured Sandy in some way.


Some folks are also pointing to scenes like one where a T-Bird peeks up a girl's dress, the drive-in movie scene where Johnny seems to push himself on Sandy, and the noticeable absence of racial diversity in the film.


On social media platforms, people have been expressing their thoughts about Grease.

One person writes: "Sorry I loved Grease when I was a kid, however, it's just too problematic these days."

Another explains: "I used to watch this movie so much growing up and it's been a while since I've seen it and it's all I remember it to be and more […] and by that I mean misogynistic, homophobic, and just a gross culture of toxic masculinity, r*** culture, and p****hilia."


"Grease singing 'did she put up a fight?' pretty much ruins the whole movie for me now aside from all the other problematic stuff," comments a third.

Another adds: "I loved Grease as a teenager, now I see it as a pile of misogynistic c***."

A fifth viewer states: "Not offended by Grease, nor do I want it 'cancelled' or 'banned' but watching it now I see problematic scenes that make me cringe when I watch it."


Yet, there are those who have stood up for the film, including Olivia Newton-John herself.

In a 2020 interview with The Guardian, the late actress talked about the criticisms people were leveling against Grease.

"It's a movie," she responded. "It's a story from the 50s where things were different. Everyone forgets that, at the end, he changes for her, too.

"There's nothing deep in there about the #MeToo movement. It's just a girl who loves a guy, and she thinks if she does that, he'll like her."


"And he thinks if he does that, she'll like him. I think that's pretty real. People do that for each other. It was a fun love story."