People On TikTok Are Dipping Their Testicles In Soy Sauce And Claiming They Can Taste It

People On Tiktok Are Dipping Their Testicles In Soy Sauce And Claiming They Can Taste It

Not a day goes by without some crazy TikTok challenge. Don't worry, because this one is for science, as the users claim.

What made people think that their testicles can taste soy sauce?

It turns out that testicles have tastebuds, as the 2013 study proved. But it's not that simple as TikTok wants you to believe.

The origin of the challenge

Lead researcher Bedrick Mosigner of the Monell Chemical Senses Center stated in 2013 that while it's known that these taste receptors exist, it isn't clear what's their purpose.

He said:

"For the most part, though, the full function of these extra-orally located taste receptors is unknown."

Additionally, another scientist did research, but on mice.


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Dr. Kirten Parekh stated:

"Exploration shows that there are taste bud receptors everywhere on the body, and it's theorized to be for ripeness. Because you have taste buds here doesn't mean you can genuinely taste those flavors."

Yes, TikTokers used science, only they didn't bother to read more than headlines.

Blame it on these guys

One TikTok user called Alx James with 954,000 fans, said he could "taste salt" on his private bits after daubing soy sauce on his testicles.

Then TikToker Mattew Lush, with 91,000 followers, said he could "thoroughly taste [it]."

"I can possess a flavor like I just had soy sauce. "

He continued:

"You know when you burp up soy sauce like it's there; however you don't really taste it in your mouth. It does kinda sting a while later. I'm not going to mislead anybody."

This TikToker ended his "research" by saying:

"It has this strange shivery like salt on your nuts."

Things kind of got out of control since many users with testicles decided to test out the theory. In the name of science.

The science fights back

You know that things are bad when you need various scientists to stop this viral trend.

No, dipping your privates in soy sauce won't make you taste anything, Emma Beckett, a food and nutrition scientist from The University of Newcastle in Australia, explains:

"These are not taste buds, they don't activate the gustatory cortex in the brain."

Will TikTok listen? Heck no, this isn't even the worst challenge, and yet it's strangely gross and borderline harassing. If you're not annoyed, then you can always have a good laugh.

Soy sauce on your privates? What's next? Eating tide pods? Nope, the teens did it back in 2018.