People Named Emily Are Most Likely To Cheat In Board Games, Survey Finds

People Named Emily Are Most Likely To Cheat In Board Games, Survey Finds

If you're looking for a new meme, look no further. Carol is out, Emily is in. And she's a cheater!

The biggest cheaters in the UK families share one thing in common. They are all Emily. Well, they aren't the biggest cheaters in history but keep your eye on the family's Emily during a game of cards or Monopoly, basically any kind of fun game activity. Naturally, women who carry the name are mad, and they are defending themselves. Well, that's what cheaters do!

The marketing agency Boutique conducted this amusing survey, but there is no real scientific evidence. The agency merely asked random families about their board game habits, and the name Emily popped up. Do you know who else a big cheater is? Emily Blunt, because she stole John Krasinski from me. No, that didn't happen. That is one of the most adorable couples ever. However, the rest of the top five names on the list of cheaters were Megan, Hannah, Georgia, and Claire. So, consider yourself warned. These ladies aren't playing it fair.

When it comes to men, Ashley is the one most likely to cheat. But second place is more interesting: William. And who's the most famous William in the world? Yup, the British royal prince and the future king of the United Kingdom. I'm assuming that Kate and Wills spend time playing board games during the quarantine, but is he cheating during family time? Now that's the burning question, and I demand answers! So do you, and we will have to wait to learn it from Princess Charlotte.

Scott, Callum, and Isaac are making up the rest of the top five male board game cheaters. It's good to know – one day, you'll find yourself in the UK and if some Callum guy suggests a game of cards, run! And Ashley is quite tricky because it's a name you find among all genders. So, keep your eyes on the prize. Yes, it's just a game, but still. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

While the quarantine life is not the most pleasant one, at least families are keeping themselves busy with games. Board games and puzzle sales are booming. In fact, in the UK the sales went up to 2100%! And if you don't have Emily or Claire, or Isaac in your quarantine squad, you're missing out since it's all fun and games. No drama. Personally, the best game ever is Yahtzee, what about you? Twister is excellent as well, a way to remind yourself of all those moments when you were young and flexible. Give suggestions; it may help people to stay at home!