People Have A Huge Problem With Kylie Jenner's Halloween Costume This Year

people have a huge problem with kylie jenner’s halloween costume this year

No matter what she does, Kylie Jenner is a magnet for negative comments. To be fair, most of the time, she sets herself up, but this time, some "fans" were out of line.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner member is quiet, and yet she always gains tons of attention. She's not as good-looking as her sister Kendall, and she talks way less than Khloe or Kourtney.

Unlike Kim, Kylie has a sense of privacy, and it seems that her world revolves around her job and her daughter. And an occasional romance, which is normal for her age.


So, what did she do or didn't do now? She posted a Halloween photo! Shocking, darn right!

Morphin' Time

Kylie's Instagram has almost 200 million followers. Naturally, some are there to worship her, others to troll.

She posted a photo with her friend, and as Halloween costumes, the group decided to go for the 90s nostalgia. Surprise, surprise.


Dressed up as sexy Power Rangers, the group took things to TikTok, and that's where one user decided to get nasty:


In response, Kylie, or a Red Power Ranger clapped back:

"and we love recycling."

Now, we're not 100 percent sure Kylie wrote this comeback or someone from her team, but it's a great response.

Kylie and her Halloween squad, pals Anastasia Karanikolaou, Victoria Villarroel, Sofia Villarroel, and Carter Gregory, continued having fun. The 23-year beauty empire owner posted more videos.


Comments went from complete admiration to unnecessary hate, but the Kardashian-Jenner women are used to it by now.

Sister time

Unlike us, mere mortals, celebrities change their Halloween costumes in a matter of hours. And they start celebrating mid-October and finish just before Thanksgiving.

So, in another edition of Halloween 2020, Kylie was joined by her model sister, Kendall. Yes, the one who ended racism and police brutality with Pepsi.

people have a huge problem with kylie jenner's halloween costume this year
people have a huge problem with kylie jenner's halloween costume this year

But we're not going to be bitter today. Instead, we are here for sisters bonding while recreating their famous Halloween look.

Sure, the costumes are now more provocative since they are no longer in grade school. But, it's sweet and cute that they are close and that they took time to revisit life before fame.

These pictures are so sweet that it's hard to say anything negative. But, don't worry, social media users will find ways to ruin this for everyone.