People Don't Realize You're Doing Certain Things Because You're Emotionally Hurt

People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Certain Things Because You’re Emotionally Hurt

We all have different ways that we deal with pain. When we are emotionally wounded, we might behave in peculiar ways that other people might not understand the reasoning for.

That is because we all think and cope in different ways.

People don't realize you're doing the following things because you're hurt.

You get obsessed over things

You might be feeling obsessed over what is happening to you or whatever has happened in the past. You let this haunt you because you have a problem in letting go of what is troubling you.

Unconventional sleeping schedule

Sometimes you spend all night battling yourself over your issues and those painful experiences that you have been through.

Looking for distractions

Distractions can be wrong or right depending on your choices. You choose to find distractions because you feel like venting off what is eating up your mind. This is in an attempt to organize and calm your disorganized thoughts.

Doing a lot of things at a time

Someone who is not keen about the emotional turbulence that you are undergoing might think you are immature and not focused because you try to do so many things at once.

Being annoyed

When you are hurt, you tend to feel offended by others thus getting easily irritated. People might misjudge you, thinking that you're bitchy, but really you are in a dark moment within yourself.

You get defensive

Your heart is in a vulnerable state, and you won't feel like taking jokes or criticism from anyone. You end up getting defensive easily.

You might tolerate inappropriate relationships

When you are hurt, you might tend to acquaint yourself with things that you feel. Unfortunately, you might unknowingly fall into the wrong company, and you end up hurting yourself more.


You might overthink too much because you lost your emotional stability. Even the petty things that you used to ignore start becoming the main things that you worry and stress about.


When you are hurt you find yourself crying every over a lot of things that you usually would let go of. Tears are part of the healing process, and you will eventually let go of what is troubling you.

Destructive mindset

You might often get stuck in a destructive mindset. It might make others see that your current state of negativity is destroying you, but they never see that it is because you are hurt.

You lose trust in yourself

You tend to second-guess every decision that you make because you have no confidence. You find it hard to trust yourself, and people might view it as a weakness.

Going into a numb state

Feelings can be so immense that you get easily overwhelmed to the point of going numb. You don't feel like associating with anybody or doing anything.

If you realize that a friend is acting differently, he or she might be feeling hurt. Love and support them.