People Can't Believe Keira Knightly's Age Gap In Love Actually

If you are a fan of Love Actually, then there is something you should know about this popular rom-com.

The Christmas movie, released in 2003, stars 18-year-old Keira Knightly. Isn't that surprising?

Even more shocking is that her co-star, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, is only 13. You might remember him as the little kid who fell for a classmate he had never talked to before.

People Can't Believe Keira Knightly's Age Gap In Love Actually

A quick calculation will help you realize that the two are just five years apart. Obviously, that is quite shocking.

Based on the film, it seems that the ages between the two are at least a decade apart.

Another surprising fact is that Chiwetel Ejiofor, who took on the role of Keira's husband in the film, was 26. Therefore, there was an 8-year age gap between them.

Interestingly, the age gap between Keira and her husband is bigger than the gap between her and Thomas.

It seems that these facts surprise people every Christmas, which is usually the reason social media is often flooded with this sort of trivia during the holiday season.

In Love Actually, Keira Knightly's character, Juliet, is married to Peter (Ejiofor), and they have been together for a long time. It is unsettling to imagine how old Keira would have been when they started dating.

Indeed, that's a little creepy, but so is the fact that a 10-year kid is in love with a classmate he has never spoken to before.

Comedian George Fox explored these issues. He claimed that every scene in the film was an absolute nightmare.

People Can't Believe Keira Knightly's Age Gap In Love Actually

Fox starts by discussing Hugh Grant's character as the Prime Minister. The comedian points out that the man's agenda in the film is "to do the tea lady at Number 10."

George is shocked that the Prime Minister wants to get it on with the lady is taken as pure romance.

The comedian is also critical of Liam Neeson's character.

After his wife passes away and leaves him to take care of his stepson, he breaks down in tears with sorrow. However, a day after his wife's funeral, he is told to get a grip because "people hate Sissies."

He was also told, "no-one's ever gonna s**g you if you cry all the time."

The comedian also argues that the Colin Firth story is just like the Prime Minister's story except for the fact that the help cannot speak English.

Clearly, Love Actually is a movie that might disappoint if you focus too much on the wrong details. Otherwise, those who focus on romance will find the film interesting, idealistic, and touching.