People Can Disappoint You, But God Never Will

People Can Disappoint You, But God Never Will

Life has its disappointments. People can let you down, and situations can turn out the way you never expected and break your heart.

But God is always there to lift you up.

With God, Victory Is Always Assured

Sometimes He is pushing you in the direction you want to go. But other times, He is trying to change your direction because He sees a better outcome for you.

I have lost count of all the times I felt that I was completely done for.

But in my deepest hopelessness, God was always there to make me see the light. He would be a guiding light in my greatest darkness.

I can always feel His protection. I have learned to count on it. No battle is too big for me because He is bigger than any giant I face.

With my trust in Him, my hope is eternal.

Once God Has Your Back, You Don't Have To Worry About Being Let Down

Even when a loved one leaves, God knows that a better and happier future awaits you. And so, I have learned that you cannot judge life by what is going on today.

I have learned to take a greater view of things. People will often teach you tough lessons, and God will use the experiences to propel you towards greater achievements in life.

So, don't focus entirely on your present situation, but put your faith in the fact that things will work out for you in the end.

God will never let you down. Even well-meaning friends and relatives might fail you because they don't always have the power to give you what you want.

God Always Has The Might And The Willpower To Give You What You Need

That is why today, I don't judge life based on what is happening today. I know that a day's experience is not enough to change the entire outlook of my life.

I prefer to step back and see how the year has been for me, what the highlights have been. And more often than not, I realize that things have gone pretty well for me.

When I consider how far I have come, I realize that there is no need for me to wallow in desperation. God can lift me from a moment of weakness and crown of glory.

It does not matter how many painful endings I have been through in my life. And by any measure, my faith is not perfect.

There Are Days I Wonder If God Will Change My Situation

However, I have consistently noticed that I get closer to His blessings with every hurdle I overcome. I believe that is part of His process.

We want to achieve victory without fighting or winning any battle. But that is not how God works. He wants you to appreciate the good things He puts in your life.

So long as our faith is in God, and we follow His lead, we will achieve our dreams. We might have to take a different path to get there, but God will not let us down. Even when you have given up and are completely done, know that God is not done with you.