People Can Change — I Used To Be A Serial Cheater But I Am Not Anymore

Many people think humans are incapable of change, especially if they've experienced disappointment and become cynical. However, based on my personal experience, I know that change is achievable for those who genuinely desire it. My past as a serial cheater serves as an illustration of this capacity.

1. I Was Perpetually Unfaithful In My Past Relationship

Due to my insecurity, I cheated on every partner I had, searching for love in the wrong places to fill an inner void. But as I began to fill that void with self-love and a connection to the universe, I changed gradually. My sobriety also played a significant role. Now, I am a woman who exudes dignity and grace, treating both myself and others with profound care and respect.


2. There Are So Many Examples Of Change In The World–I'm Just One

My cousin was once a young neo-Nazi, a terrible white supremacist. But as time passed, he recognized his errors and discarded his bigotry and animosity. He worked to make up for his past actions, had children, covered up his tattoos, and now speaks out against racial violence. He's just one instance of people who can transform themselves.


3. Humans Are Wildly Capable Of Change

Change is the only constant in life, with circumstances, people, and places always in flux. The idea that people cannot adapt and adjust to this is simply untrue. The human spirit is incredibly resilient, as evidenced by the fall-down drunks and drug addicts who become homeless, yet are able to turn their lives around in AA and maintain years of sobriety. They often go on to help others, a remarkable transformation from their former selves. These individuals and countless others demonstrate that remarkable changes are possible.


4. I Think That Changing Is Just Becoming Who We Truly Are

I believe that when someone sheds their old skin and transforms into a better version of themselves, it's a spiritual moment. It's as if the universe had intended them to be this way all along, but obstacles prevented it. Sadly, not everyone can reach their true potential, but those who do deserve recognition.


5. Change Is Really Hard But Worth It

ChanThink about the little changes you make day-to-day.ging oneself is a lengthy and arduous process that demands great endurance. It never occurs instantly and is always a challenging undertaking. Transforming oneself is a bone-crushing and gut-wrenching experience. Letting go of old beliefs and embracing new ones is an immense challenge.


6. If You Think Otherwise, You Might Want To Look Within

Believing that someone is incapable of change may result from having a persistent offender in your life or witnessing someone who hasn't transformed. However, it's essential to be open to the possibility that people can genuinely change, despite past experiences that may have caused hurt. Though it may be difficult due to the pain, try to recognize that not everyone is the same.


7. Think About The Little Changes You make Day-To-Day

Recall the day you ceased biting your nails or texting while driving? Every day, we make both small and significant changes that accumulate over time and eventually make us into a different person. Reflect on these alterations and use them to believe that someone can indeed make substantial changes.

8. Sometimes You Need To See It To Believe It

To truly believe in the potential for human change, you may need to observe it firsthand. Look for examples of transformation in places such as 12-step programs, homeless shelters, or social services where those who run them may have experienced similar situations. Alternatively, you may find instances of change in your own life. Just be sure to remain observant!


9. I'm Not Saying Everyone Can And Does Change

While it's essential to acknowledge that people can change, it's also important to recognize that some individuals never do. Despite our efforts to help them, they may continue to engage in harmful behaviors. Nevertheless, don't allow this to blind you to the many other positive transformations that occur in the world.