Weird Story

People Are Wetting Themselves On Purpose On Film For Viral Challenge

people are wetting themselves on purpose on film for viral challenge

Online users know that the world of TikTok is all about viral challenges and trends. Most of them are funny and ridiculous, but a selected few can be dangerous or disgusting.

The viral challenge that has recently made headlines sees people wetting themselves on purpose.

people are wetting themselves on purpose on film for viral challenge

Not only are they acting like they have no control over their bodies, but they are also doing so in front of cameras.

The 'pee your jeans challenge' (also known as the 'pee your pants challenge') has convinced many people that TikTok should disappear altogether.

The things youngsters get up to for attention on this platform is downright stupid.

How Did We Get Here?

According to reports, the video believed to start it all shows Liam Weyer recording himself saying 'pee your jeans' before relieving himself.


One aspect of the video that upset several people is that you can actually hear his bodily fluids hitting the floor at his feet.

people are wetting themselves on purpose on film for viral challenge

Liam stated later that he was amazed to see the challenge go viral. It didn't take long for others to start sharing their own videos of themselves wetting their pants.

The young man claimed it was initially done as a spoof, almost to show how dumb TikTok challenges are.

He added that he was shocked to see other people were willing to pee on themselves and share the video with related hashtags.


It looks like TickTokers didn't get the memo and are taking it seriously.

Most of the 'challengers' seem to be men as it appears the ladies aren't as prepared to get urine all over their clothes.

Some actually went as far as to 'up the stakes' and did the challenge while standing on their hands.

That means the urine went up their noses instead of hitting the floor.

TikTok Deleted The Original

The social media platform didn't approve of the video and deleted it, but that didn't stop other users from seeing it and starting to copy Liam's actions.


And since then, Liam's reposted video had about 300 000 views.

Many folks are blaming the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns for the disgusting and mind-boggling behavior.

Others think it shows how gullible youngsters are and how eager they are to please their peers.