People Are Telling Molly-Mae Hague What They Can Do In The Same 24 Hours

People Are Telling Molly-mae Hague What They Can Do In The Same 24 Hours

Social media has been in an uproar since Love Island's 22-year-old Molly-Mae Hague made comments that showed the world how misinformed she was about poverty and wealth inequality. Users have, in turn, taken to social media to tell her how their 24 hours would be spent.

The influencer made tone-deaf comments during an interview on the YouTube series, The Diary of a CEO.

A video of the comments she made has since gone viral, infuriating a lot of netizens in the process.

During the interview, she claimed that "Beyonce has the same 24 hours in a day" as all of us. As far as Molly-Mae is concerned, we have complete control over what we do with our lives and can "literally go in any direction."

The influencer is the creative director of Pretty Little Things, a fashion brand, and people took exception at her suggestion that we could literally do whatever we wanted with the time we had.

Commenters Wanted Her To Realize How Wrong She Was

To prove how wrong she was, an engaged commenter wondered how the influencer was not engaged even though she had the same 24 hours as the commenter had.

Another commenter took a jab at her cooking skills:

The comments kept flowing in. Ross Sayers elaborated on how Bobby from Queer Eye would spend 24 hours compared to Antoni.

"... we all have 24 hours a day, but each person has different pressures. In Queer Eye, Bobby has 24 hours to renovate a 5-bedroom house. Antoni has 24 hours to throw together a cute lil salad."

A Crystal Palace fan stated that it was laughable that Tranmere Rovers had lost to Aston Villa on Philippe Coutinho transfer since each club has the same "24 house to get deals over the line."

Molly-Mae was also recently robbed, and someone asked her if whoever had robbed her was using their 24 hours.

The influencer explained that she had worked her "**s off" to get where she is today. Someone noted that she had wasted 5 out of her 24 hours to grind after revealing she had slept for five hours.

Different People Have Different And Often Limited Options On How To Spend Their Time

Someone went to the length of showing how three people use their 24 hours. The example considered how 24 hours are for someone with chronic illness, a busy mom, and a young carer.

This person noted that Molly-Mae would not be where she is today if she spent 24 hours like a chronically ill person or a young carer. These people have no days off despite having huge responsibilities.

This individual also suggested that it might be time we moved on from the influencer culture as it makes people get large platforms and a lot of privilege just for looking good.

Another person posted a picture of Molly and commented, "Molly Mae watching everyone using their same 24 hours to drag her."

Someone even went to the lengths of sharing a short video of Molly-Mae as she attended Pretty Little Things warehouse, which is part of her job as a creative director.

She allegedly makes 500K a year, while the garment workers only make $4.75 an hour.

The harsh backlash has obviously been overwhelming for the influencer. So, it is not surprising that she has not had time to respond to the critical comments.

Love Island stars Maura Higgins and Shaughna Phillips have tried to defend a fellow influencer.

Steven Bartlett has also pointed out that some of his male guests have said the same things and gotten no backlash for their comments.