People Are Putting Up Weed Christmas Trees To Celebrate The Holidays

During my younger years of smoking marijuana, I always had a typical Christmas tree decorated with artificial branches, cheap plastic ornaments, and stringed lights. However, I missed out on something amazing since people are now setting up Christmas trees decorated with weed to celebrate the holiday season, and they look astonishing.

1. Obviously, They Don't Have To Be Made Out Of Real Weed

It's better to avoid using live marijuana plants as decorations. Marijuana plants require specific growing conditions and are very delicate, so placing one in your living room and adorning it with decorations may not be the best idea. Even though it would make an excellent picture for social media, it might not be the best idea for the plant's growth.

2. You Can Buy A Fake One!

If you're looking for a weed-themed Christmas tree but don't want to use live plants, has the perfect solution. They're selling an artificial Christmas tree with marijuana leaf-shaped branches that appear realistic but are not actual marijuana leaves. While you won't get the traditional smell of marijuana, you can always use candles to set the ambiance if you want to create the right mood.

3. It Will "Light Up" Any Room It's In

Understand the idea? If not, don't worry, just accept it. The Christmas tree comes without any decorations. Therefore, you have to bring your own materials, but you can decorate it as you would with a regular Christmas tree. You don't have to purchase anything special. Add some vibrant lights, hang ornaments, and candy canes, and you're ready to welcome Santa.

4. Admittedly, It's Not Cheap

Synthetic as it is, sells the weed Christmas tree for $249, which is relatively expensive. Nonetheless, it stands at 6 feet tall and appears extremely lifelike. Moreover, you can reuse it multiple times, so it's not too bad of an investment. Additionally, considering the exorbitant price of a real marijuana plant of comparable size, this seems reasonable.

5. They've Already Sold Out Before, So You'll Have To Be Quick

Until recently, the weed Christmas tree had been out of stock. However, as it is now back in stock, you should order it from's website as soon as possible since it is guaranteed to sell out again. It's the only place where you can purchase the tree, which makes it even more appealing to customers.