People Are Making Merry-Go-Rounds For Their Pet Chickens Out Of Old Bike Wheels And They Love It

People who raise chickens as pets exhibit similar levels of affection towards them as those who have dogs or cats, often going to great lengths to pamper them. Chickens are not just domesticated birds; they possess unique personalities and enjoy frolicking around their habitat, whether it's a backyard, farm, or garden.

Consequently, certain chicken owners have started building merry-go-rounds for their feathered friends to relish when they're feeling a tad uninterested!

Yes, Chickens Get Bored

Although one might assume that chickens would be content with aimless wandering, they require activities to keep themselves engaged and prevent boredom. Failure to do so can lead to detrimental outcomes such as feather-plucking, pecking, and other problematic conduct. Hence, why not adopt some straightforward measures to keep them amused?

Turns Out, Chickens Love Merry-Go-Rounds

Imagining a chicken on a merry-go-round might appear comical, but the actuality is quite adorable! Shelly Collins and Harold Logan Jr., who are chicken owners that adore spoiling their feathered companions, created a fantastic little contraption for their birds to ride using spare bike tires.

Making One Of These Is Pretty Easy

To construct a merry-go-round for your chickens, you only need to remove the wheel from a bicycle and secure it to a suitable spot inside or outside the coop. You'll be pleasantly surprised to witness that the chickens will willingly hop on and partake in a ride without much encouragement. Although they may be unable to vocalize "Wheeee!" while spinning, they are undoubtedly thinking it!

Chicken Merry-Go-Rounds Are In High Demand

Harold was amazed to find that the merry-go-round he had made for his daughters was becoming a hit on social media.

"I made this for our girls to help with boredom. I used the rear wheels of a push mower and made a frame and mounted it to a 4×4 in the run. The girls are in it every day," he shared. "I've made a few of these for friends. Now I have thousands of people wanting them now! It's going viral – too funny!"

If You Have Chickens, Why Not Spoil Them

Just like cats, dogs, and rabbits, chickens are beloved pets that deserve to be spoiled! It certainly looks like these ones are.